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Mock influencer goes viral with hilarious parody account documenting the reality

A woman whose parody Instagram account mocks the seemingly picture-perfect lives of influencers has racked up 70,000 followers in just a year.


Geraldine West, 34, from Frankfurt, Germany, built up the impressive following after sharing side-by-side pictures showing the reality of life behind the lens.

The mock influencer creates ‘Instagram versus Reality’ images, which mock the carefully curated photographs we see on social media.

Her light-hearted snaps feature parodies of cheesy engagement photos, suspiciously sleek bath time shots, poolside poses and make-up tutorials gone wrong.

In the ‘reality’ images, Geraldine is often pictured wearing tracksuit bottoms and with little or no make-up on. 

She can be seen covered in shaving foam, sweating it out on a jog, stuffing pizza in her mouth in bed and picking up dog poo on a walk.

She told Jam Press: ‘My biggest inspiration are all these perfect pictures I see when scrolling through the explore section.

‘Many times I saw a picture and was like, this is definitely not how the reality looks.

‘Doing sports with the perfect make-up or shaving legs like it’s the most fun thing in the world… I started thinking about how these pictures should look and started with my first Instagram vs. Reality picture.

‘I just want people to laugh and have fun with the pictures.’

Geraldine’s aim is to poke fun at the time and effort Influencers and fashion bloggers dedicate to setting up and editing images which they then casually present as real life on their feeds.

But ironically the German often spends hours in ridiculous poses to create the perfect shot for her grid.

One of her latest side-by-side images shows the blonde on a beach in Frankfurt, first in a glamorous black ensemble and then in trainers and an inflatable ring.

The caption reads: ‘Can you imagine how embarrassing it was to shuffle over the beach with high heels?’

Beneath another, showing her posing seductively in the sea and then emerging bedraggled from the water wearing goggles.

Speaking about the image, she wrote: ‘Lots of confused people looking at me splashing around like a seacow with too much makeup on! It took half my vacation day to produce this picture.’

She also gives herself the extra challenge of working with an animal- her adorable pug Emma.

Her pet pooch even has her own Instagram vs. Reality square showing her looking happily up at the camera and then give it grumpy side eye.

The caption reads: ‘When you wake up on Saturday and realize (sic) it’s only Thursday!’


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