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Mexican couple rescue 10 dogs from Hurricane Hanna in bucket

A couple in northern Mexico has found some solace after they were able to save their pet dogs when Hurricane Hanna flooded their home.

Betty Vaquera Escandón recorded the moment her parents Santos Vaquera Herrera and Beatriz Escandón pushed a bucket with their 10 dogs down a street in Santa Cecilia, a neighborhood in the border city of Reynosa.

‘My parents lost everything… but they were able to get their babies out,’ Escandón wrote on Facebookafter sharing the viral video footage Monday.

The heartwarming video of Vaquera Herrera and Escandón dragging the bucket through the flooded street on Sunday morning generated a host well wishers who offered their support and said they wanted to buy the animals.

‘We are not putting the puppies for sale or profiting from them. For us they are part of the family,’ Vaquera Escandón.

Vaquera Escandón told that when her husband arrived at her parents’ home of 28 years, he found them sitting on a table with their dogs inside the bucket.   

Vaquera Escandón’s parents and their neighbors were still waiting to see if they will get any government assistance.

‘Unfortunately they live in a disaster area since the neighborhood is near a sewage drain,’ Vaquera Escandón said. ‘The [state and city] government have been asked many times to help fix that area because when it is flooded, what comes out is pure wastewater.

‘But they pay very little attention to the calls, I imagine because in Reynosa we are not the only ones that are flooded, there are many more colonies that have the same problem.’

Hanna was the first hurricane of the 2020 Atlantic season. At least two people died in the Mexican city of Ramos Arispe, and three people were reported missing in the border city of Reynosa. Three people were also said to be missing in Monterrey. 

Hurricane Hanna blew ashore as a Category 1 storm late Saturday afternoon with winds of 90 mph not far from Port Mansfield, Texas which is about 130 miles south of Corpus Christi. It hovered over parts of northern Mexico and southern Texas, drenching it with up to 16 inches of rain.

In the Mexican border city of Reynosa, a maternity hospital was damaged by heavy rain, with some patients moved to upper floors and others evacuated to other facilities, said Pedro Granados, director of civil protection for Tamaulipas state. 

In Matamoros, across from Brownsville, Texas, more than 1,300 asylum seekers, including newborns and elderly people, at a refugee camp braced for the impact of flooding from the Rio Grande due to Hanna. The river was expected to rise and likely flood the camp in the next few days. 

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