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Melania Trump to appear on CNN, called ‘fake news’ by Donald

Melania Trump will appear on a CNN town hall Thursday night, the same network President Donald Trump blasts as ‘fake news.’ 

The first lady will appear on the network’s weekly global town hall on coronavirus, which is hosted by Anderson Cooper, a frequent critic of the president.

Melania Trump’s remarks will be prerecorded and she is expected to address the nation’s students, CNN announced.

Melania Trump also addressed children’s health in a call Wednesday with approximately 3,000 state, local, and tribal officials.

‘Whether in quarantine or on the front lines of the fight against the virus, many Americans – including children – are experiencing an increase in anxiety, depression, loneliness, isolation, and fear, ‘ she said in remarks released by her office. 

Cooper has been a frequent critic of Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, which has infected more than 1.58 million Americans and killed more than 100,000 people.

He did so again on Wednesday night, blasting the president for threatening MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and threatening to with hold federal funds from Michigan over mail-in ballots while a national pandemic was taking place. 

‘Today seeing the largest single-day increase in global cases of coronavirus with more than 93,000 Americans now having lost their lives, and states reopening with new cases still rising. And a majority of Americans, from both parties, saying they’d prefer going slow. You would think that the president would be concerned about this and this, alone. You might think he would feel the weight of the responsibility he has for 350 million Americans’ lives. Or, then, you might look at his Twitter feed,’ Cooper said.

And, in late April, Cooper asked if the president thinks Americans are ‘morons’ after Trump suggested research into whether injecting disinfectants into people could be a cure for the coronavirus.

After coming under fire for his idea, Trump said he was being sarcastic when he made that suggestion. 

‘The president is claiming he was speaking sarcastically to reporters, sarcastically suggesting that. There was no sarcasm. We have the tape,’ Cooper said.

He called Trump’s idea ‘idiotic,’ ‘dangerous,’ and ‘ludicrous,’  and added Trump was trying ‘rewrite what we all know and saw as though we are all morons.’  

Trump, meanwhile, is a frequent critic of CNN, both on Twitter and in person. He criticized the network again on Wednesday, when White House reporter Kaitlan Collins asked him about a report he was angry with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

‘It’s fake news, Kaitlan. Fake news. Therefore, you can report it on CNN,’ the president told her.

He has targeted Collins before. During a press briefing at the end of April, when she tried to ask him if he’s had contact with Kim Jong Un, amid reports the North Korean leader was ill or dead, he shot her down.

‘CNN is fake news, don’t talk to me,’ he told her.

At a later briefing, White House staff tried to move Collins from her front row seat in the briefing room to one in the back of the room. Both she and the reporter seated in the back refused to move. 

Trump also has had battles with White House correspondent Jim Acosta. 

He regularly labels news coverage that is critical of him or he doesn’t like as ‘fake news.’ 

Melania Trump’s pre-taped appearance on the network Thursday night are her first solo remarks since the onset of the pandemic.

The town hall will be co-hosted by Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta. Part of its focus will be on students who have had their lives and educations altered with schools closed and graduation ceremonies canceled because of the coronavirus. 

The first lady’s Be Best program focuses on the well being of children. 

Melania Trump has recorded several PSAs during the pandemic, where she has offered tips on getting through the pandemic and urged Americans to follow CDC guidelines on the matter. 

She has taken a stronger approach to the coronavirus pandemic than her husband, ordering her staff to work from home from the early days and imploring American to wear masks. 

Her office released a photo of her wearing a face covering but she has not sported one in her public events in the past month, when she has been a silence presence at her husband’s side as he planted a tree on the White House South Lawn, hosted faith leaders for National Day of Prayer, honored veterans at the World War II Memorial, and rewarded girl scouts and others at a White House recognition ceremony for those who have aided in the coronavirus response. 

Melania Trump, meanwhile, has warned Americans that as the country reopens to continue to practice social distancing and wear masks.   

‘As some states slowly start to open businesses, please be sure to check CDC guidelines, continue to practice social distancing & wear a face cover. We need to make sure we slowly get back to normal while still fighting to keep the virus suppressed,’ the first lady tweeted at the end of April.

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