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Melania repeatedly refuses to hold Trump’s hand in frosty exchange as they arrive in DC

Melania Trump has once again been caught on camera appearing to refuse to hold her husband Donald’s hand – sparking amusement on social media. 

The latest frosty encounter took place on Sunday evening when the president and first lady arrived at Joint Base Andrews in Washington DC after spending the weekend in New Jersey.  

As the couple descended the steps of Air Force One with son Barron in tow, Donald reached over to grasp Melania’s hand, which she quickly pulled away. 

The president then reached out again, but Melania kept her hand away, tucked tightly against her skirt.  

Video of the incident went viral on Twitter as dozens of viewers joked that the first lady couldn’t bear the thought of touching her husband.  

A debate ensued as other users came out to defend the president, insisting that Melania was merely trying to keep her frock from blowing upward in the wind. 

Twitter users had some hilarious takes on what took place in the video when it was tweeted by journalist Rex Chapman. 

‘Melania – once again – wanting nothing to do with Trump’s small hands…’ Chapman wrote in his tweet.

‘Melania tryna social distance her way into some divorce papers,’ one wrote. 

But others said the interaction was being misinterpreted, and that Melania merely wanted to avoid a wardrobe malfunction. 

‘Don’t be ridiculous…she was navigating stairs in heels and a dress. The wind was blowing and she was using one hand to hold the rail and the handbag to keep her skirt from flying up and showing everyone her bloomers,’ one woman wrote. 

‘She’s making sure dress doesn’t blow open. Big scary orange man resides in your head Rex!’ another added.  

This isn’t the first time that Melania’s behavior toward her husband in public has prompted speculation about the state of their marriage.  

Back in January, cameras caught the first lady appearing to reject Donald’s attempt to hold her hand as they stood on the field at the College Football Championship in New Orleans. 

The following month the couple were seen disembarking from Air Force One when Donald reached out for Melania’s hand, not realizing that she had tucked it inside her coat. 

Perhaps the most famous example was in April 2018, in the wake of revelations that Donald had an affair with porn star Stormy Daniels and had paid her to keep silent. 

In that incident, the couple were attending a state ceremony on the White House Lawn when Donald began extending his pinkie finger in an obvious signal that he wanted to hold Melania’s hand. 

Melania seemed to ignore his invitation and kept her hand pinned to her side as Donald awkwardly grabbed onto it. 

She was then seen shuffling sideways away from her husband, as if to move out of his reach.  

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