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Meghan Markle’s classmates used to think she was ‘fake’ because she was so ‘perfect’

Overachiever Meghan Markle was often deemed ‘fake’ by her schoolmates who thought it was impossible to be that ‘perfect’, new bombshell biography Finding Freedom has claimed. 

The book, co-authored by royal journalists Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, reveals that Meghan’s willingness to help others, paired with her incomparable drive, meant her old classmates often thought she was not genuine.  

Taking a deep dive into the Duchess of Sussex’s early days as a hardworking student, the book claims she threw herself into her studies, juggled multiple extra-curricular activities and did everything she could to avoid being seen as an ‘underdog.’ 

Finding Freedom provides an intimately detailed and personalised version of the events leading up to the Sussexes’ dramatic departure from royal life, with the co-authors insisting ‘all information in this book has at least two sources’. 

‘Meghan’s willingness to help others and her drive to excel meant she was often deemed “fake” by classmates at school who felt it was impossible for anyone to be that “perfect”,’ the authors claim. 

They go on to say that Meghan didn’t always know ‘where she fit in,’ which resulted in her feeling she had ‘more to prove.’  

‘Being biracial and not always knowing where she fit in, there was a part of her that just wanted people to see she was great at whatever she did,’ they alleged. 

Her drive to succeed continued on into high school where, the book explains, Meghan ‘joined every club, from the year book committee to the Genesian Playders Theater group.’ 

‘She was voted homecoming queen. A natural performer and someone who sought out praise, Meghan was coming into her own.’

Born in Los Angeles, Meghan was educated at several private schools, starting with the Hollywood Little Red Schoolhouse as a preschooler. 

As a teen, she attended an all-girl Catholic and private institution, the Immaculate Heart High School.

Then, at university, she studied at Northwestern’s School of Communication and joined the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, before graduating in 2003 with a double major in theater and international studies. 

It was during her time at Northwestern that the royal began taking on small roles in RV production – which in turn, kick-started her acting career. 

According to a source, Meghan’s faith also plays a central role in her life, while prayer and conversations with God have got her through the ‘darkest moments.’

The source, who is reportedly a close friend and has often prayed with Meghan, 39, and Prince Harry, 35, claims they have been on a ‘journey of faith together’ during their relationship. 

Discussing the perceived betrayal of her old school friend Ninaki Priddy, who claimed she wasn’t shocked at all by the news of Meghan’s engagement because ‘she was always fascinated by the Royal Family’, the friend of the duchess told the authors: ‘Part of what helped Meghan get through this difficult time was her faith. 

‘Her relationship with God and with her church is extremely important to her. That’s something most people do not know about her. 

‘It plays a central role in her life, as an individual, as a woman.’ 

They added: ‘When I talk about her faith being a big part of her life, it’s her faith in God.

‘It’s her faith in her family. Her faith in the people closest to her.’ 

A further source claimed: ‘It’s prayer and conversations with God that have gotten her through the darkest moments.

‘That’s something that plays a significant role in her life and her relationship with Harry. The two have been on a journey of faith together.’

The book also goes on to discuss the duchess’ regular meetings with the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby ahead of her baptism into the Church of England prior to her wedding, with whom she formed a ‘close bond’ according to a royal aide.

Meanwhile, the authors add that although Meghan’s family wasn’t overly religious, she was raised with an ‘awareness of God’.

Her mother Doria Ragland was brought up Protestant and her father Thomas Markle became a confirmed member of the Episcopal Church at the age of 14, but Meghan attended a Catholic school for educational reasons. 

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