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Meet the youngest tattoo artist in the world:

A nine-year-old girl may just be the world’s youngest professional tattoo artist after inking her first piece when she was just a toddler.

Maya Lu, from Tengen, South Germany, was two-years-old when she first used a tattoo gun to ink scribbles on her parent’s feet.

Maya’s parent Lily Lu, a non-binary artist, owns a tattoo studio, Psyland 25, where the youngster spent most of her time growing up. 

The child developed her skills over the years and was able to learn various design techniques as well as how to use the tattoo gun without parental supervision, according to Lily Lu.

The parent said: ‘Me and some friends have always shown her some little tricks and it was amazing to see her progression with the machine. 

‘She later on started learning different techniques and using bigger and different needles. She needed some help in the first years but now at nine-years-old she makes tattoos entirely on her own.

‘It’s so crazy to see her siting there and actually going through the full process by herself and making these big pieces in such a short time. And on top of that, the tattoos look very nice when they are healed.’

Despite believing she is highly skilled, Lily Lu and partner Anuskatzz said they don’t plan on putting any pressure on their daughter to pursue a career in tattooing and instead wants her to just have fun and enjoy what she does.

Lily Lu added: ‘It’s senseless to compare it with the average skills of a professional tattoo artist. But compared to how old she is and how fast and clean she is already tattooing, it is very impressive.

‘We will see what happens when she actually one day truly starts tattooing. I actually don’t care what she does later on as I am also not a tattoo artist anymore. And I never felt the need to push her in my footsteps.

‘I always tell her to do whatever she feels like and go for her dreams. And I think tattooing isn’t the worst skill to have as a backup.’ 

Impressed by their daughter’s talent, Lily Lu enlisted her to help in their tattoo studio where she now has her own little desk to work on designs for fun. 

‘She always loved to hang around [the tattoo shop],’ Lily Lu explained. ‘She claimed her own little corner in the middle of it where she has her work space and table to paint ad craft little things.

‘It was just as normal as painting on paper for her and she had many adult friends who all wanted a tattoo from her, and so she started making more and more work.’ 

But her parents said Maya runs the show and only does artwork when she feels like it, claiming it can be quite difficult to get an appointment with her.

Lily Lu said: ‘It always depends on her mood. When she doesn’t, then she doesn’t. There were times she made designs and I had to find people she could do them on.

‘My friends have asked her for a long time to get a tattoo and I even bribed her with candy and presents, but she never felt like it and it took years before they finally got a piece.

‘I mean she’s a child and she does this for fun. So, you can’t just come and get ink. Its luck and everything has to fit. But when she likes you, your chances are big.’

Maya loves tattooing monkeys and using the big needle for designs, and said her favourite tattoo was the time she inked a monkey on her friend Angelo, featured in her YouTube video.

The nine-year-old said: ‘I love monkeys and to work with the big needle. My favourite piece so far was the monkey I made on my friend Angelo. It was the one in the short movie.

She added: ‘I want say thank you to everyone who has a tattoo from me already and I hope I find people who want get big monkeys done with the big needle.’

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