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Mayor laughs at PETA request to change the ‘speciesist’ name of Chicken Dinner Road

Locals from a suburb of Boise, Idaho are banding together to reject pleas from an animal rights group to change the name of a rural roadway called ‘Chicken Dinner Road’ because it is ‘speciesist.’


The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals announced on Wednesday that it sent a letter to Caldwell Mayor Garret Nancolas asking to change the street name of Chicken Dinner Road.

There’s just one problem – Chicken Dinner Road is not located within the city limits of Caldwell, according to the Idaho Statesman.

The street runs through Canyon County in between the Snake River and Lake Lowell.

‘Just like dogs, cats, and human beings, chickens feel pain and fear and value their own lives,’ said PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman in the letter.

Reiman pleaded with the mayor to alter the name to ‘one that celebrates chickens as individuals, not as beings to kill, chop up, and label as “dinner”.’

The PETA executive insisted she wasn’t trying to ‘ruffle any feathers’ but was merely trying to illustrate that words ‘have the power to change lives.’

Reiman said that the agriculture industry abuses chickens, which are ‘confined to crowded, filthy sheds with tens of thousands of other birds, where disease, smothering, and heart attacks are common.’

She wrote: ‘Then they are violently crammed onto transport trucks for shipment to the slaughterhouse, where they’re shackled and hung upside down, their throats are cut, and they’re immersed in scalding-hot feather-removal tanks – often while they’re still conscious.’

By changing the name of the road, it would show compassion to chickens and other sentient beings, according to Reiman.

She wrote that PETA would even help pay for changing the signs.

Nancolas said that when he received the letter, he thought it was a joke.

He wrote on his Facebook account: ‘Regarding the PETA request…When I first received the letter, I thought it was a joke, I literally laughed!

‘When I realized the letter was for real, it made me extremely irritated that they would waste our time with such a ridiculous request!!

‘If they had actually done their homework they would have realized that Chicken Dinner Road is not even within Caldwell’s jurisdiction…that being said, even if it was, NO WAY, NO CHANCE I would ever consider this truly unbelievable request!!

‘We have many issues to consider, but this IS NOT one of them!’

A spokesperson for Canyon County told the Statesman that a number of people who grew up in the area have expressed opposition to changing the name of the street.

The spokesman, Joe Decker, said he doesn’t believe county commissioners would be willing to consider a change.

Chicken Dinner Road, which was once known as Lane 12, is believed to have gotten its name thanks to a resident from the same street who prepared famous fried chicken dinners for the governor, C. Ben Ross, in the 1930s. 

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