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Marla Maples and Tiffany Trump reunite in Washington DC

Marla Maples has reunited with her daughter, Tiffany Trump, in Washington, D.C. this week amid the coronavirus pandemic after first breaking quarantine to see her two months ago. 

The 56-year-old actress, who is based in New York City, took to Instagram on Tuesday to post a picture of herself posing with 26-year-old Tiffany in the lobby of her ex-husband’s Trump International Hotel in downtown D.C.   

‘With my beautiful daughter Tiffany who with each day makes me even more grateful for the gift of being her mom,’ she captioned the image. ‘Keep shining your God Light my girl and all the wisdom you’ve been blessed to share #proudmom #momsanddaughters #ShineYourLight #LiveToLove.’

The mother and daughter are both dressed to the nines in the reunion snapshot. 

Tiffany has on a white A-line summer dress with blue flowers on the skirt and patent leather nude pumps. She is carrying a black handbag and her center-parted blonde hair is flat-ironed perfectly straight. 

Marla, meanwhile, is wearing an open black and white striped button-down over a white tank and white flared jeans. Her blonde hair is styled loose waves, and she has a pair of sunglasses sitting on top of her head. 

Neither Marla nor Tiffany is wearing a mask, though the two people who are walking behind them both have their faces protected. It’s possible that they removed their masks for the photo op.  

Tiffany’s father, President Donald Trump, refused to wear a mask in the hotel while attending a non-socially distanced fundraiser on Monday evening.

The president’s decision to forgo a mask came just hours after he recommended, for the first time since the start of the pandemic, that Americans wear face coverings in public. 

It’s unclear if Tiffany and Marla had taken the photo in the hotel while attending the event or if they visited on a separate occasion. 

Marla arrived in D.C. last week following her visit to Cashiers, North Carolina, and she posted a few snapshots of herself walking around the city with her friends. The president’s youngest daughter may have been behind the camera, but she wasn’t in any of the photos.  

Tiffany’s social media posts have been few and far between since she graduated from law school at Georgetown University in May. 

She has, however, updated her bio on her Instagram and Twitter pages with a new professional portrait of herself sporting a classic white button-down, picture-perfect makeup, and loose blonde waves. 

‘Georgetown Law Class of 2020 Juris Doctor | President of Cyberlaw Society⎜RA for Prof. Hopwood: Criminal Justice Reform⎜UPenn, B.A. Sociology: Law & Society,’ both bios now read. 

She also celebrated her graduation on Twitter by setting her background to a sketch of D.C. that says ‘Class of 2020 Georgetown Law’ in white lettering. 

With her degree taken care of, Tiffany still has one important step left before actually becoming a lawyer: She’ll have to sit for the bar exam. 

Typically, this would next be held in July, but many states have delayed the exam until the fall due to the pandemic. 

After Tiffany passes the test, it’s anyone’s guess as to her future plans, as she certainly has numerous options available to her — and is known for being tight-lipped about her life. 

It’s not even known where the first daughter will choose to settle down. While she could stay in the D.C. area near her father and older sister, Ivanka Trump, she may also move to New York to be near her mother, Marla. 

Tiffany already has an apartment in New York City, which her dad purchased for her after her graduation from the University of Pennsylvania. 

Or she may not live near family at all. Her boyfriend, Michael Boulos, is based in London, and Tiffany could decide to move across the pond to live with him, or at least nearby. 

There are quite a few career tracks she could take, too, as there are many ways to practice law, but, according to her bio, she has an interest in cyberlaw. 

One thing is for sure, though, Marla has been missing her daughter. The mom broke quarantine and flew out of New York to visit Tiffany in late May following her graduation from Georgetown Law School.

The former Dancing With the Stars contestant shared a photo of herself wearing a protective face mask on her flight. The airline appeared to be practicing social distancing measures, with other flyers sitting behind Marla but not next to her.

In her caption, she revealed that she was putting her faith in God and was back to flying again because she is choosing not to live in fear amid the coronavirus pandemic.

‘I choose love… I do not choose fear… I will walk (and fly) in trust, faith, peace and knowing. If God is for us who can be against us… no one,’ she wrote. ‘Grateful to be joining family on this beautiful day.’

She ended her post with the hashtags #InLoveWeTrust and #flyingagain.

Marla is is uniquely spiritual and practices a variety of religions. She goes to church on Sundays but still keeps Shabbat, studies Kabbalah, and eats a kosher diet.

She was quoting the Bible verse Romans 8:31 when she wrote, ‘If God is for us, who can be against us?’  

Marla never specified whom she was visiting or where she was going, but she later shared an Instagram Stories snapshot of herself in a car with her daughter’s rescue cat Petals.

‘One of my fav traveling partners,’ she captioned the image, tagging both Tiffany and her daughter’s boyfriend, Michael.

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