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Man pranks golfers who hit balls in his garden by lying on floor

A man was caught on camera pranking a golfer who had lost his ball by laying passed out on the floor and pretending he got hit.

The hilarious clip, believed to have been filmed in Colorado, was shared to Instagram earlier this week. 

It was uploaded by @thesheyshey alongside a caption that read: ‘When someone hits a golf ball in our backyard, my dad goes and lays next to it.’

In the clip, a man wearing a white shirt and black shorts can be seen face down on the grass in his garden which backs on to an expansive golf course.

His family watch excitedly from a window as a golfer wearing a blue shirt and cap wanders toward him in the search of his missing golf ball.

The golfer spots him and peers inquisitively over the wooden fence before appearing to call out.

The unnamed man on the floor then begins to stir and clutches his head as if he has just been struck.

The pair have a brief exchange as the prankster reaches out for the man’s golf ball, which is laying on the grass in front of him, before throwing it back.

He continues to rub his head in pretend pain as he heads back towards the house much to the delight of his family who are in raptures of laughter.

The light-hearted video has since been viewed more than five million times and social media users heaped on the praise for the prankster.

One wrote: ‘I wish I had thought of doing this when I lived on a golf course.’

A second added: ‘The family cackling is just… where was this? I want to be friends with these people.’

And a third commented: ‘OMG this is fabulous – I love the acting, the laughing and golfers reaction!!!! I am always worried about that when I hit into someone’s back yard. Thanks for the laugh!!’ 

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