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Man has to give up rescued kitten that turns out to be a PUMA

A villager in Colombia who thought he had rescued a small kitten from the side of the road was stunned to discover it was actually a baby PUMA.

Elmer Guzmán was riding his motorcycle in Alvarado, a rural town in the center-west province of Tolima, when he found the small animal on the side of a road. 

Accustomed to seeing abandoned animals in the area, Guzmán thought he had found a kitten and took it home in the hope of finding a neighbor who could raise it.

However, it did not take long for Guzmán to pick up on the animal’s strange behavior, which he found to be different from your normal house cat.

After researching online, he learned that in June officials in Tolima had previously located and removed a puma cub that was found on the grounds of Perales Airport in the nearby city of Ibagué. 

Guzmán saw how much the cub resembled the physical characteristics of the animal that he had rescued, and immediately contacted wildlife officials. 

‘I decided to contact Tolima [officials] so that they could come and take her and reintroduce her again [to the wild],’ he said.

The female puma is about two-months-old, according to local veterinarians.

It was diagnosed with malnutrition because it was fed with milk and foods that were high in salt. 

The Cortalima wild life center said it will return the puma to the forest once its health is stabilized.  

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