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Man gets 70 years’ jail for torturing girlfriend and her son, 10

A man who was convicted of assault and strangulation after torturing his girlfriend and her son for almost an entire year has been jailed for 70 years.

A prosecutor in the case against Kadien Haynes, 28, from Buffalo, New York said it was the worst case of domestic abuse she had ever seen in her 22-year career.

Haynes attacked his girlfriend with a knife, shovel and a broom as well as choking her with a cable.

The court heard how he would also torture her with rubbing alcohol and disinfectant before forcing her and her 10-year-old son to hit one another. 

Haynes also hit the boy with the handle of a refrigerator. 

New York State Supreme Court Justice Deborah Haendiges said the brutality as described in court was ‘shockingly evil’ and ‘twisted’.

‘I have never seen a case as egregious as this one,’ said prosecutor Holly Tucker who said the abuse happened over a ten month period between March 2018 and January 2019, before Haynes was finally arrested.

Tucker, who heads the Domestic Violence Bureau at the Erie County District Attorney’s Office has been a prosecutor for 22 years.

She called Haynes ‘a monster,’ and asked the judge to impose the maximum-allowable sentence and for him to serve the prison sentences for each charge separately rather than concurrently.

Judge Haendiges justified the lengthy sentence based on the ‘tremendous grief and suffering’ of both victims along with Haynes’ lack of remorse. 

She also said that she wanted to ensure that Haynes ‘won’t have the opportunity to prey on or torture anyone ever again.’ 

The woman and her son both testified at the trial. Judge Haendiges said that it showed ‘incredible courage’ and she admitted to being amazed that the victims were able to get out of ‘this pattern of torture’ and did ‘not end up dead.’ 

Haynes’ trial lasted for two weeks. He was found guilty by a jury of all 11 felony and three misdemeanor charges. 

Haynes defense attorneys say that a plea agreement was discussed under which he would have been sentenced to a 22 year sentence for pleading guilty to the first-degree assault charge, but wouldn’t agree to the offer. 

Instead, he was handed his 7×0-year sentence via video conferencing after being convicted in March. 

Haynes was sentenced as a two-time violent felony offender to 25 years on the first-degree assault conviction with 10 consecutive seven-year sentences starting concurrently with the first-degree assault conviction.

Haynes has previously been convicted of attempted second-degree robbery in May 2012 according to the Buffalo News. 

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