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Man dies after bite from snake he used to promote wound cure

A street vendor has died after being bitten by a venomous snake while selling his medicinal wine at a Chinese market.

The unnamed trader was using the dangerous animal to prove that his liquid folk remedy could cure reptile wounds, reported local media.

The man was said to have collapsed to the ground immediately after the snake, reportedly to be a king cobra, suddenly stung his ear during the demonstration.

He was pronounced dead later by doctors who arrived on the scene to rescue the patient, according to Chinese media.

The incident occurred at a local market yesterday in Laibin of China’s southern province Guangxi.

The vendor had been selling the medicinal wine at the trading hub for some time, locals told reporters.

The man had claimed that his liquid remedies could cure snake venom and often used the deadly reptile as a demonstration, according to Guangxi Television.

Footage released by local media shows the trader promoting his products while holding a slithering snake on one hand and a chicken on the other hand.

The trader was reportedly trying to make the snake bite the bird when the reptile abruptly attacked him on Wednesday noon.

The man immediately collapsed to the ground after being bitten while horrified onlookers rushed to call an ambulance.

Another clip shows a group of medics conducting an emergency rescue on the vendor while being surrounded by dozens of bystanders.

He was pronounced dead by the doctors later after all treatment failed.

One of the medical workers said that the vendor had already stopped breathing and lost his heartbeat when the ambulance arrived.

He told Pear Video: ‘He already had no breathing or heartbeat when we arrived. We carried out the rescue for over two hours, but we didn’t see him breathing again.’

It is believed that the snake has been seized by the authorities while local police have launched an investigation to look into the incident.

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