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Maine lobster captain captures and helps heal seagull he bonded with over 15 years

A Maine lobster captain rescued his long-time friend, a seagull named Red Eye, after the bird suffered a potentially fatal injury. 

Captain John Makowksy has been friends with the bird since it first flew up on his boat in 2005, proving birds can give dogs a run for man’s best friend.

‘She comes right up to the window and looking at me this far away,’ Makowsky explained to CBS News. ‘Just staring at me.’ 

But the dream team hit a snag when Red Eye suffered a leg injury. Makowsky knew that the bird didn’t long to live after that. 

‘I don’t know why I was so emotionally crushed, but it was a piece missing. I was beginning to wonder how much longer I felt like doing this,’ he said.

The sentiment was shared by his wife, Debbie.

‘Oh, very, very difficult,’ she added. ‘To watch John and see how sad he was. I could tear up right now.’ 

Makowsky managed to catch the seagull and brought her to the Center for Wildlife in Cape Neddick, Maine. 

Red Eye was nursed to health by the staff and reunited with her pal, who treated her to her favorite fish – Brown Hake. 

The captain released the bird a few weeks later and while the bird was released to ‘the wild,’ it quickly went back to familiar sights.

Boat captains traditionally believed seagulls carry the souls of lost sailors and Makowsky often offers the possibility that the bird is an ancestor, as he is a fourth generation lobsterman. 

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