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Madonna ‘hungry’ after seeing photo from ‘starving dancer’ days

Madonna looked back to her days as a ‘starving’ artist on Instagram on Saturday.

The superstar, 61, admitted she was a bit shocked at how thin she looked in the throwback.

‘Starving Dancer in Vintage dress,’ her caption read. ‘Looking at this photo makes me hungry.’

Still, the young Madge looked striking in the airy dress with fresh roses tacked to the middle.

Her curly, shoulder length hair was a warm brown hue, far from her signature blonde locks.

While Madonna’s always had a slim figure she’s been accused of artificially enhancing her curves in the past.

Critics suggested the pop star might have had butt implants done after she showed off a noticeably plumper backside while performing at New York’s Stonewall Inn for New Years Eve 2019.

The longtime sex symbol seemed to clap back at body shamers in a subsequent Instagram, writing: ‘Desperately Seeking No Ones Approval……………….

‘And Entitled to Free Agency Over My Body Like Everyone Else!! Thank you 2019! Its Going to Be an amazing Year! #2019 #freedom #respect #nofear #nodiscrimination’

Madonna has been healing from a knee injury recently. At the end of May, Madonna was seen leaving hospital while being supported by a crutch.

The singer has been dealing with her injury since March when she fell on stage and since has relied on using a cane and knee supports. 

In March, Madonna wrote on Instagram about hurting her knees while falling on stage two nights prior ‘when a chair was literally pulled out from underneath me by mistake and I landed on the floor on my tail bone.’

She described herself as ‘a broken doll held together with tape and glue’ as she announced she was taking some much needed bed rest in hopes of finishing her Madame X tour which launched in September 2019.

But she appeared to be feeling healthier early this month when she shared a topless selfie that showed her leaning on one of her crutches.

‘Everyone has a crutch,’ she wrote in the tongue-in-cheek caption.

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