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Lucille Ball’s daughter most memorable advice from her mother

Lucille Ball’s daughter, Lucie Arnaz, has revealed the most memorable advice her mother ever gave her in honor of the sitcom I Love Lucy hitting the big screen. 

On Tuesday, five episodes from the popular American sitcom will air in select theaters across the US in celebration of the late TV star’s birthday. 

In honor of the event, Lucie spoke with Good Morning America about her mother and advice she offered to her children. 

‘She was very focused on, “Take care of yourself first. Put your oxygen mask on before anybody else.” And I think about that a lot,’ Lucie told GMA. ‘

And [she gave] very practical advice like, “Never leave your luggage.” That pops into my mind a lot.’

There were other pieces of advice Lucie picked up from her mother while just being around the prominent TV star. 

‘And as far as the stuff that she didn’t actually say that you sort of pick up by osmosis I think it’s just to be incredibly professional and do your job,’ Lucie added. 

‘Don’t come in whining. Know your lines. Be a team player. Don’t blame other people for what you didn’t do right.’ 

Opening about about advice from her mother comes after the current revival of I Love Lucy on the big screen in honor Lucille’s birthday. 

The popular sitcom ran from 1951 to 1957, starring Lucille and Desi Arnaz. 

Lucille and Desi were married at the time the show premiered in 1951, and their star power and chemistry would later propel the show to become one of the best series of all time, according to TV Guide. 

Their two children, Lucie and Desi Jr., were young at the height of the sitcom, but Lucie said she still recognized the importance of the show to viewers across the nation.

‘”Watching that show got us through some really tough times” — I can’t tell you how many times someone has said that to me or my brother,’ Lucie said. 

‘I think my mother and my father and Vivian and Bill would be completely honored that 68 years after the show started, people are still loving it the way that they are.’

I Love Lucy was officially inducted into the Television Academy Hall of Fame in 1991. Unfortunately, both Lucille and Desi were not alive to witness the prominent moment in their careers. 

The couple were known for being television entrepreneurs, having started their own production company named Desilu Productions. 

I Love Lucy and Star Trek, among others, were two shows produced by the company until it was sold in 1957 and renamed Paramount Television. 

Lucille and Desi then divorced in 1960 following marriage difficulties.

Besides the revival of I Love Lucy episodes on the big screen, there is also a movie in the works to detail Lucille and Desi’s relationship. 

The film has yet to start production, but Lucie will be an executive producer for the picture.   

‘[It’s] the good, the bad, the ugly but primarily the good,’ Lucie said. 

Amazon Studios picked up the project, and the first person to be cast in the movie is Cate Blanchett, who will play Lucille. 

‘She totally gets where my mother was coming from, and she’s going to be magnificent in this,’ Lucie said about Cate. 

‘Balance and fairness is what I’m looking for,’ Lucille’s daughter said about the portrayal of her parents in the upcoming film.

‘They were two people that had a tremendous passion for one another. There’s good and there’s bad with that. They didn’t have the benefit of therapists and things we have today…people that make us look at ourselves in a different way.’

Despite being over six decades since I Love Lucy premiered, the comedic banter between Lucille and Desy, as well as the fun story lines, continue to resonate with viewers. The show still runs on cable television. 

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