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Love After Lockup: Woman hasn’t had sex with jailed fiance

A woman who has waited five years for her felon fiancé to be released from prison has revealed that they’ve never had sex because he was arrested just a few weeks after they met.

In a preview clip from Friday night’s episode of the We TV reality series Love After Lockup, Heather is shopping for the perfect lingerie to wear on the night of Dylan’s release, gleefully telling the shocked sales associate that they are going to consummate their relationship for the first time.  

‘He has been in there for five years. Wanna see a picture? Yeah, you do, I know you do,’ she says as she shows the stranger her cellphone. ‘I’ve been waiting and waiting to have sex with him. I’ve never had sex with him.’

‘Never?’ the store employee asks.

‘Never,’ Heather confirms, eliciting a jaw drop from her new acquaintance. ‘That’s why we’re here.’

Heather explains in her testimonial that she met Dylan five years ago at a party at his apartment.   

‘One of my friends was really close with Dylan,’ she tells the camera. ‘I went to use the bathroom and he was in the shower and he was just like, “What the f**k?”‘  

Heather happily recalls how he opened the shower curtain, peeked his heat out, and saw her for the first time. 

The way she tells it, it was love at first sight, at least for her.  

‘He was sexy and strong, and it’s like f**k, you know?’ she says. ‘When I started talking to Dylan, it was like I was the best thing ever. 

‘Like he can speak to parts of me in ways that nobody else has ever been able to. I felt like a goddess.’

A few weeks after Heather met Dylan, he was arrested for selling ecstasy to an undercover cop — and it wasn’t his first run-in with the law. 

‘I found out Dylan had been arrested — I don’t know how many times, but a lot of times — and he was facing five years,’ she explains. 

‘Three months later, he asked me to marry him.’

Heather says she has been visiting Dylan in prison every Saturday and Sunday for the last five years and has no regrets.  

‘I love him and feel like even though we are not married, Dylan and I are already married in our minds,’ she notes. ‘He’s been calling me his wife since a few months after I met him.’

Heather is bursting with excitement at the thought of seeing her beau for the first time since he was locked up half a decade ago.   

‘Dylan’s getting home from prison tomorrow. I’m so excited,’ she gushes. 

‘I get to hug him. Oh my God, I’m so excited.’

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