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Locals scramble to pick up bottles of beer after truck’s back door flung open in Manila

This is the moment locals in Manila scrambled to grab bottles of beer after they cascaded from the back of a lorry.


Footage shows dozens of people running to pick up bottles of beer which came crashing down on the streets of the Philippine capital on Wednesday. 

A clip taken in the Santa Cruz area of the city shows a group of residents running toward green crates and smashed beer bottles in an attempt to salvage as many as possible. 

While it’s not clear from the footage if the onlookers were trying to grab themselves some free alcohol or put the beer back on the lorry, one onlooker said they were trying to help the driver.  

The truck’s back door flung open as it sped through a narrow road with sharp bends, causing cases of beer cascaded onto the road.

While hundreds were smashed, many stayed in tact, with locals doing their best to grab a cold one. 

Mingo Lee, who saw the bizarre scene unfold, explained the back door lock snapped open as the truck made a turn at the intersection of the road.

He added: ‘The beer was worth a lot of money.  Hundreds were smashed. I feel sorry for the driver. 

‘He was upset worried about getting in trouble with his boss.’

Images from the crash climbing atop of wooden crates as green boxes and smashed dark glass scatter across the road.

Locals in shorts and flip-flops carefully speak around the broken shards as they attempt to repack the boxes.

One image shows a shirtless local bent over, while another re-stacks boxes to reload them on the bus. 

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