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Lake Michigan will dip to ‘dangerously cold’ temperatures in the 40s F – which can cause hypothermia

Michigan’s National Weather Service is warning that Lake Michigan’s beach water temperatures are ‘dangerously cold’ despite the summer weather. 

On Monday afternoon, NWS Grand Rapids tweeted an alert that ‘Cold water temps at Lake Michigan are expected over the next few days.’

The tweet noted that water temperatures along the shore would be between the 40s and low 50s degrees Fahrenheit. 

Submersion in water at those temperatures can be lethal, the weather service noted, stating that one minute of exposure could lead to cold shock, while 10 minutes could result in incapacitation and an hour could bring about hypothermia.  

‘The northerly flow will actually pull water away from the shore which causes upwelling along the coast. That will drop beach water temperatures dangerously cold,’ the NWS explained about the north to northeast wind currently being experienced in the area.  

Upwelling replaces the usually warmer surface water with colder, deeper lake water. 

On Monday evening, the NWS posted a second warning about the cold water temperatures, tacking on additional information about dangerous waves and currents. 

‘Beware on Lake Michigan: water is much colder than last week, and waves and currents will be dangerous for swimmers, especially near the piers!,’ according to the tweet. 

Waves were between three to six feet high, prompting the NWS to remind swimmers to ‘Stay dry when waves are high.’ 

Lake Michigan shoreline water temperatures were in the 70s last Monday and are currently in the lower to mid-60s, Fox 17 reported.

The news station reported that Lake Michigan shoreline water temperatures are expected to increase by the weekend. 

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