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LA Mayor Garcetti shuts off power to Bryce Hall’s Hollywood Hills mansion after birthday bash

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti shut off the power to Bryce Hall’s Hollywood Hills mansion on Wednesday after the star hosted a massive birthday bash with 20 strippers on Friday. 

Garcetti’s office confirmed Wednesday the city had forced a blackout on the sprawling home currently being rented by Hall and fellow TikTok stars Noah Beck and Blake Gray.  

Hall hit back at the clampdown posting a TikTok video of him and Gray bopping their heads along to the song ‘Electric Love’.

This comes as Garcetti has taken a tough stance on people flouting the city’s ban on gatherings amid the coronavirus pandemic, threatening to cut off power to any homes found breaking the rules.

mornin @blakegray

The mayor said he authorized the city to disconnect the utilities including water and gas at the Hollywood Hills residence Wednesday.

‘Despite several warnings, this house has turned into a nightclub in the hills, hosting large gatherings in flagrant violation of our public health orders,’ the mayor said a the statement. 

‘The city has now disconnected utilities at this home to stop these parties that endanger our community.’  

Gatherings of any size that contain people from different households are prohibited under Los Angeles County’s health order to slow the spread of the virus.  

Earlier this month, Garcetti threatened to temporarily cut off residents’ power or water if they violate the health measures.   

The influencer, who boasts more than 12million followers on the popular video-sharing app, broke the rules throwing a huge 21st birthday bash Friday night.

The party took place at Sway House in Encino – not the Hollywood Hills home where the power was turned off – but Hall has hosted parties at the other property too. 

The social media star mocked the power cut in one of his latest TikTok videos Wednesday where he bobbed his head from side to side to the song ‘Electric Love’ while smirking at the camera. 

Hall was slammed for his party as footage emerged of guests neglecting to wear masks and ignoring social distancing.  

Videos of the gathering posted online showed dozens of party guests packed closely together with no regard for social distancing or coronavirus health measures.    

Party-goers were seen dancing and drinking shoulder-to-shoulder and at one point gathered around to watch strippers dressed as police officers perform lap dances on Hall. 

Twitter user DefNoodles shared a second video clip showing large crowds gathering outside the home, while adding, ‘just as many people may have been outside as inside.’  

The footage showed a number of other high-profile guests at the party, including Harry Jowsey, from Netflix reality show ‘Too Hot To Handle’, as well as internet influencers Olivia Ponton, Faze Banks, Brooke Hyland and others.

At least 75 people attended the event where 20 strippers were hired to perform, one anonymous guest told Forbes. The attendee said people had used hand sanitizer before entering the home.

Another person who was hired as entertainment for the party told Insider they were required to sign a non-disclosure agreement. 

The party went on until the early hours of the morning, until cops showed up at the home around 4am and shut it down, according to reports. 

The LAPD did not provide details about the police call-out other than confirming they had responded to a noise complaint in the area, The LA Times reported. 

However, a ‘Notice of Violation’ was later seen outside a property on the 8700 block of Appian Way regarding a police visit on August 8 and 14 for ‘disturbing the peace,’ the LA Times said. 

The party, which took place as coronavirus cases in California topped 628,000, was slammed by critics on social media, including fellow internet influencers.  

Hall took to Instagram on Sunday to share a photo marking his 21st birthday, immediately drawing criticism in the comments. 

‘Glad I have to be stuck at home because of people like you who aren’t taking Covid more seriously,’ internet personality Violet Benson said in a comment, garnering 2,436 likes.  

‘[You’re] acting like there isn’t a worldwide pandemic right now but okay,’ another wrote. 

YouTube star Michelle Khare also blasted Hall in a tweet, saying she hasn’t been able to see her family in months because her father is an essential worker who has been on the front lines treating those battling the virus in the hospital. 

‘F**k you, Bryce Hall. And everyone else who went to these parties. You’re selfish to a degree I didn’t know humanly possible,’ she said.  

Another user commented: ‘There’s a worldwide pandemic going on and ur focused on having ur bday party? think abt all of the people that have died from covid and how much ur spreading. this is so irresponsible.’

In an interview with The Hollywood Fix, social media influencers Stassie Huff and Leah Skye also claimed they had been turned away from the party for being transgender. 

Huff told the outlet they had shown up to the house with a friend, who was greeted by Hall who allegedly told her: ‘Why didn’t you bring real girls?’

The pair said they were then told to leave the event after being there for ‘five seconds.’ 

Hall allegedly saw them the following day and explained that he wasn’t transphobic, which they believe was an attempt at ‘damage control’, adding the Hall supposedly did not apologize. 

In the wake of the controversy however, Hall appeared unfazed by the backlash and brushed off his critics in a tweet saying: ‘if i don’t respond to you hating on me, just know you’re not worth my time.’ has contacted Hall and his representatives for comment.   

Local officials this week said the city was looking to cutting the power to at least three massive homes for violating the coronavirus rules on gatherings. 

One of the houses, located in the city’s Central Division, refused to adhere to initial warnings and received a follow-up notice on the same night. 

Police would not provide an address for the home but said they had forwarded the address to Garcetti’s office to have the utilities shut off. 

Some question the role police should play in shutting down the parties, including a police union representing rank-and-file officers. 

Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore said that they are in agreement with health officials in their determining that parties should not be occurring during the pandemic.  

He added that police would continue citing those who showed a ‘blatant disregard’ for the rules.   

The incident comes just weeks after fellow YouTube star Jake Paul was widely criticized for throwing a huge party in July, when the number of new virus cases in California reached an all-time high.  

Hall was previously involved in a brush with the law in May, when he and fellow TikTok star Jaden Hossler, 19, were arrested on drug charges during a road trip in Texas.

Hall was slapped with a misdemeanor charge of marijuana possession and later released on $5,000 bail.

Hossler was also charged with marijuana possession. He was additionally hit with a second-degree felony charge for possession of a controlled substance in penalty group two

Police did not disclose which drug Hossler was carrying – but drugs in that group ‘include most hallucinogens and stimulants’, according to Insider.

Hall rose to internet fame for recording videos of himself clowning around with pals inside their luxury Sway House residence.

He has also gained a following on YouTube, where he has more than 2.7million subscribers. 

The announcement followed a huge house party that took place at a mansion on Mulholland Drive on August 3 and ended in a fatal shooting. 

Police did not have a specific number of homes that had received citations or warnings, but citations were also issued at six parties in Hollywood, two in West L.A. and ones in Wilshire, Hollenbeck and the West Valley divisions.

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