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Kim Kardashian’s friend Jonathan Cheban mugged at gun point in New Jersey

Kim Kardashian’s good friend Jonathan Cheban was robbed at gun point over the weekend in New Jersey. 

The incident happened in the quiet, upscale suburban neighborhood of Englewood Cliffs on Sunday evening while the Keeping Up With The Kardashains star was with a friend.

At one point his mother Galina had a gun pointed at her head before the mugger took Cheban’s $250,000 Richard Mille watch, the star confirmed to on Monday. ‘It was frightening, I want the guys caught,’ Cheban told exclusively.

‘The mugger had a gun pointed at my mother’s head,’ Cheban tells ‘There were two gunmen. It was frightening. It happened at 8:30 pm last night just as the sun was going down.’

The 46-year-old reality TV star, who goes by the name FoodGod, reported the mugging to New Jersey police and he visited the police station on Monday to create sketches of the criminals with detectives.

So far the criminals have not been caught. 

The incident started at 8:30 pm on Sunday when Jonathan and his mother were with a friend outside a home in a private driveway in the sleepy suburb known for its upscale homes,

Then a ‘young man’ came up to the trio and asked what time it was. Jonathan told his mother and friend to go inside the house. Then they noticed a second man with a gun in the street not far away.

Before they knew it, the first man had a gun pointed at Galina’s head and the perpetrator asked for money or jewelry.

Cheban handed over his watch, a designer brand with a heavy price tag. Neighbors saw the incident and called police.  

TMZ was first to report the news. 

This comes almost four years after Kim, 39, was robbed at gunpoint inside her Paris hotel, The Hotel Pourtalès, during fashion week.

The gunmen barged their way into the room where Kim was with an assistant. 

The men eventually tied Kim up and locked her in a bathroom as they stole her jewelry worth over $10M.

Kim has since said the robbery changed her life and she often does not go out with big items on. It also turned her focus in life toward her family and charity. 

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