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Kim Kardashian faces backlash over Skims campaign that looks like a ‘crack house’

Kim Kardashian has deleted a tweet about her new SKIMS campaign after it was mocked by some social media users for its odd use of props.

The 39-year-old promoted her brand’s Fits Everybody collection on Twitter and Instagram today, sharing two photos of two different models wearing underwear from the ‘ultra-soft and stretchy’ line.

But some social media users barely saw the lingerie, and instead focused in on the bare pink mattress the models posed on — and expressed confusion and disgust over the ‘dirty ‘crack house mattress.’

Six new styles of the Fits Everybody collection — in ten colors — go on sale August 21, and Kim is promoting the launch online. 

She shared photos of two different models from a promo shoot on her Instagram stories, while on Twitter, she posed two snaps of the same model wearing a tan bra and underwear.

The model is posing on a pink floral mattress on the floor, and whether it is actually used or subject to some shadowy lighting, the image has some Twitter users questioning it’s cleanliness.  

‘The mattress looks old and dirty. Yuck,’ wrote one.

‘Girl that mattress is dirty,’ wrote another. 

Another called it ‘not tasteful,’ while one more said it reminded her of the film Taken. 

‘Crack-house mattress but make it fashion,’ said another.  

The tweet had been up for under an hour when Kim abruptly deleted it — but another tweet featuring a second model sitting on two mattresses is garnering similar comments. 

In that image, the second mattress does, in fact, appear to be quite dirty. 

‘Girl these nasty a** mattresses?!?! Did you pay people to design this nasty a** set??’ asked one.

‘Why do you have these girls doing a photo shoot on those nasty mattresses on the floor,’ said another, while a third wrote: ‘What is happening here with these disgusting mattresses??’

‘What in the brothel hell is this pic kim,’ wrote yet another. 

One person also pointed out the irony of the timing of Kim’s campaign debut – which was shared on social media less than one day after her husband Kanye West proposed the launch of a new child-friendly, Christian version of TikTok, which he wants to call ‘Jesus Tok’. 

‘Is this allowed at Jesus Tok?’ the user replied to Kim’s post. 

Kanye, 43, made the intriguing proposal on Twitter on Monday, writing: ‘A vision just came to me… Jesus Tok.

‘I was watching Tik Tok with my daughter and as a Christian father, I was disturbed by a lot of the content but I completely loved the technology.’ 

In a second tweet, he continued: ‘We pray we can collaborate with Tik Tok to make a Christian monitored version that feels safe for young children and the world in Jesus name. Amen.’

Meanwhile, Kim has also announced that she has collaborated with longtime pal, Allison Statter, on a new KKW x Allison line that will be dropping on the KKW Beauty website on Friday, August 28 at 3 p.m. ET.

The collection will include an eyeshadow palette, a lip crayon, two 3-in-1 face palettes, and a clear lip gloss. 

Kim and Allison have been friends since elementary school, and Allison has appeared on the show Keeping Up With the Kardashians multiple times. She is also one of the few people Kim follows on Instagram. 

Kim revealed on her story Monday that she was inspired to create the collection when she and her friend were discussing being moms who do not always have a lot of time to do their makeup. 

She also shared that the collection would feature a range of tones, because Allison and Kim have totally different coloring and complexions when it comes to makeup.

The products are nostalgic nods to their long-lasting friendship, with names such as ‘BFFAE’ — which stands for best friend’s forever and ever’ — that show just how far they have come. 

Additionally, the palettes feature a collage of throwback photos of the two throughout the years. 

Statter is the founder of Blended Strategy group, an influencer marketing and PR agency.  

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