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JoJo Siwa looks unrecognizable after VERY dramatic makeover from James Charles 

She’s known for colorful sparkling outfits, floppy bows and her long blonde ponytail.

But JoJo Siwa completely changed up her look in a video posted Friday in which the makeup artist and YouTuber James Charles, 21, gave her a stunning new makeover.

The 17-year-old Dance Moms star returned the favor by giving James a glittering makeover of his own.

James posted the after photos of JoJo’s transformation to social media.

‘Thank you @itsjojosiwa for trusting me with your first ever full glam transformation. I hope you realize how beautiful you look and are,’ he wrote. 

In his video, James gushed that he’d been trying to get JoJo to come on his YouTube channel for two years before he finally succeeded.

After he noted that she had ‘quite a lot on’ with her multicolored sequined jacket, face stickers, sequined bow and sunglasses, she admitted that she went ‘full JoJo.’

‘I need to feel the most JoJo, so that way when I am so not, like i’m NoJo, then I’m good.’ 

James started by stripping away the makeup JoJo already had on, and she changed out of the glittering outfit, though she left her trademark bow in.

As he applied foundation, the reality star–turned–singer admitted that she initially turned down James’ makeover offer because she was scared of losing her signature look.

‘At the time, I was 15. That was a lot scarier to me because I was so young,’ she explained.

James said he initially though her outfits and demeanor were all an act, but over time he realized that was JoJo’s real personality, which helped them to come together for the makeover. 

While James worked his magic, JoJo started talking about her brand and all the products she has licensed, from toys to sheets to home design products, before admitting that her name was on a billion-dollar brand, which left James speechless.

‘Now I’m not a billionaire — I do not have a billion dollars,’ she quickly clarified.

‘I do not understand how people online can make fun of someone who’s 17 years old and —’ James started to say, before JoJo interrupted: ‘Because I’m a giant toddler and I have a receding hairline. I would make fun of me too.’

Once James was done, JoJo changed out of her tie-dye T-shirt into a plain white top and showed off her elegantly shaded new look and her prominent cat eyes.

The instantly recognizable ponytail was temporarily gone and replaced with blonde curls swept to one side and cascading down her shoulder.

As part of the deal to let the YouTuber make her over, JoJo filmed a video of her own in which she turned James into one of her Siwanatorz. 

In her own video, she mostly left James’ makeup alone but drew a silver heart with a small loop at the bottom over one eye. 

She added a pink star over his eye and cover the design with glitter and rainbow sequins around the edge.

To complete the look, the dancer gave him some blonde hair extensions and one of her bows, along with a pink sequined jacket with silver epaulets.

‘Sister Siwanatorz!! I just gave James Charles a FULL JoJo Siwa Makeover!!!!’ she gushed on Instagram. 

On TikTok, JoJo filmed a video of James in his glam gear as they lip synced to A Girl Like Me from Barbie’s The Princess And The Pauper.

Another video featured the reality star before her own makeover and featured the two lip syncing to a popular video from the TikTok star Makayla.

‘Girl, don’t do it, it’s not worth it,’ JoJo said as James was about to touch her with his brush.

‘I’m not gonna do it girl, I was just thinking about doing it, he replied, before wiping at the camera lens, only to reveal JoJo with her makeover.

‘I did it,’ he added. 

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