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Joe Biden’s campaign call RNC ‘alternative reality’ after Larry Kudlow claimed COVID is over

Joe Biden’s presidential campaign is mocking the Republican National Convention for constructing an ‘alternative reality’ after Trump economic advisor Larry Kudlow referred to the coronavirus in the past tense.

‘It was awful,’ said Kudlow, speaking to the disease that has infected more than 5 million Americans and killed more than 170,000 Americans – including more than 1,000 Tuesday.

Kudlow was making the case from his Redding, Connecticut home, where he talked up the nation’s response and economic performance after the virus hit.

‘Health and economic impacts were tragic. Hardship and heartbreak were everywhere. But presidential leadership came swiftly and effectively with an extraordinary rescue for health and safety to successfully fight the Covid virus,’ he said. 

Biden’s deputy campaign manager fired back in an email Wednesday.

‘President Trump’s RNC is an alternate reality. In this delusion, thousands of Americans didn’t die in the last week from COVID-19, nor have millions of Americans been infected or put out of work,’ she said in a statement.

‘Our economy hasn’t ground to a halt and our kids aren’t being kept home from school. Donald Trump’s continual refusal to take this virus seriously has given the United States the worst outbreak in the world, and his convention’s refusal to come to grips with reality or acknowledge the magnitude of the loss is a stark reminder to Americans of his complete failure to lead.’

Following a day when the convention featured Trump giving a pardon to an African American bank robber who started a nonprofit and presided over a naturalization ceremony, she blasted the convention for failing to focus on the virus. It was First Lady Melania Trump who gave the most extensive remarks acknowledging victims.

She shared her ‘deepest sympathy … to everyone who has lost a loved one.’ 

“Not only did the American people hear no plan for overcoming the pandemic for the second consecutive night of the RNC — after more than seven months of utter mismanagement — but the president’s chief economic adviser even referred to the coronavirus in the past tense,’ Beddingfeld said.

Kudlow spoke on a day more than 1,000 Americans died from the coronavirus, although death rates have been on a downward trend.

U.S. unemployment remained above 10 per cent in July, off its April high but still a concerning number as millions of Americans file for unemployment. 

Economic growth was down 33 per cent in the second quarter on an annualized rate – although the markets have continued to rise since a steep drop when the first hit. 

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