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Joe Biden accuser Tara Reade blasts Kamala Harris – who previously said

Joe Biden accuser Tara Reade has told in an exclusive interview that Kamala Harris abandoned her principles and her vow to protect sexual assault survivors in order to become the Democratic Vice Presidential nominee.

Reade said: ‘I’m disappointed with Kamala with her being the Vice Presidential nominee. It’s the height of hypocrisy for her to accept the VP nominee position. 

‘She’s a hypocrite. She saw an opportunity to seize a position of power and she took it, turning a blind eye to sexual assault victims.’

In Harris’ Democratic VP nominee acceptance speech on Wednesday night, she declared: ‘I’ve fought for children and survivors of sexual assault….I know a predator when I see one.’

Reade said Harris’ remarks ‘sickened’ her, adding: ‘She obviously doesn’t know how to spot a predator, she is enabling one by the name of Joe Biden.’

The 56-year-old came forward this March to claim that when she was a Senate aide for Biden in 1993, he pinned her against a wall, reached under her skirt and sexually assaulted her. Biden has vehemently denied her claims.

Reade said because Harris was a prosecutor and California’s Attorney General who worked with sexual assault victims, she should know how difficult it is for victims to come forward and speak.

But Reade said Harris’ silence on Biden makes her complicit and to add extra pain, ‘she’s a woman.’

Reade recounted her story to, saying she was told to deliver a package to Biden at the Russell Senate building in 1993, where he pinned her against a wall in a hallway and penetrated her with his fingers, against her will, she claims.

‘He had his hands underneath my clothes,’ Reade said. Then she said Biden asked if she wanted to ‘go somewhere else’ and allegedly said to her ‘I want to f*** you’.

She said when Biden realized she wasn’t reciprocating he begged: ‘C’mon man, I heard you like me.’

Then Reade said he became angry and said while pointing his finger at her, ‘you’re nothing to me.’

Reade said she reached out to Harris’ office on two occasions regarding her sexual assault in 2018 via a form email on her Senate webpage. Both times she said she heard nothing back from Harris’ office.

Reade believes that if her perpetrator was a Republican instead of Democrat, Harris would be one of her biggest supporters, much like she was of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford who accused then Supreme Court Republican Nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her while in high school.

Harris praised Ford during the hearing in September 2018, calling her a ‘true patriot’ and telling her: ‘I want to thank you for your courage and I want to tell you I believe you.’

Reade said every time she thinks of Harris believing Ford but not supporting her, it ‘disgusts and hurts me.’

‘Kamala will speak out on sexual assault if it politically suits her, for Christine it suited her, for me it doesn’t.’

Prior to Reade making her accusation against Biden, a handful of other women had accused Biden of inappropriate touching and kissing.

Harris said in April 2019, when she was still running for President: ‘I believe them, and I respect them being able to tell their story and having the courage to do it’ 

But later when Harris was asked specifically about Reade’s allegations against Biden, she told the San Francisco Chronicle this April: ‘This woman has a right to tell her story, and I believe that, and I believe Joe Biden believes that too.

‘I’ve spent my whole career…fighting to give women a voice, and this brings up, I think, a bigger structural issue, frankly, which is that women must be able to speak without fear of retaliation…

‘On the issue of Joe, I can only speak to the Joe Biden I know. He’s been a life-long fighter in terms of stopping violence against women. He has been the leader, I think really most people would agree, in the United States Senate on VAWA, the Violence Against Women Act.’

Reade scoffed at Harris’ response, saying: ‘Kamala abandoned me and others all in the name of politics to get into power.’

She added: ‘I lost everything, my home, job, career, character, everything, I don’t even have a savings or checking account, I paid a heavy price by coming forward. ‘

After Reade came forward, questions arose of her life story. She had claimed to be a graduate of Antioch College but the college now says she was not.

She made that claim under oath repeatedly during a decade of acting as an exert witness on domestic violence in California courts.

She was met with scrutiny over a winding trail of extreme debt, questionable business practices and former friends who said she was ‘deceitful and manipulative’. 

Reade said Harris’ most ardent online supporters, known as #KHive, ruthlessly harassed her online and set out to smear her name.

Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris attends a roundtable with teachers in Nevada.

She added: ‘In public Harris said I had the right to tell my story, but behind the scenes her supporters were making my life a living hell. I’ve been tarred and feathered and dragged through the mud.’

Reade said if she had the chance to speak with Harris she’d ask why she didn’t get in contact with her when she reached out with her accusations against Biden, questioning: ‘Before all the press and after I came forward? Why did you allow your campaign trolls and surrogate to harass me and smear my life?’

And Reade would tell Biden: ‘Stop running on the platform of character. I know who he is, I was there, and he was there.

‘I don’t know in his current mental state if he fully remembers sexually assaulting me, I know I do.’

Reade also questions his current mental abilities, saying: ‘He seems befuddled at times when I’ve seen him on TV. Right now Joe seems grandfatherly.’

The lifelong Democrat said she’s not going to be voting in the upcoming national election in November, because ‘it’s a nasty time.’  

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