Jodie Comer celebrated her BAFTA Best Actress win by ‘downing vodka shots with pals’

Jodie Comer was the toast of this year’s BAFTA TV awards and celebrated her Best Actress win by downing a few vodka shots with her pals.

The Liverpool native, 26, also enjoyed a few drinks with her parents who watched their daughter pick up the award for her role as Villanelle on Killing Eve.

According to The Sun, Jodie celebrated into the early hours of the morning with her friends and fellow bafta winner Phoebe Waller-Bridge. 

A source told the paper: ‘It was a huge night for Jodie and she kept the drinks flowing until the early hours.

‘She was dishing out neat shots of vodka to her pals and other guests to toast her success.

‘Jodie also threw a fair few back with her parents, who were having the time of their lives.’

The insider added that Jodie hit the dancefloor and partied with drag queen and DJ Jodie Harsh before she got a taxi home when the after party came to a close.

Jodie delivered a moving speech when accepting her award.

She paid tribute to Line Of Duty star Stephen Graham, for offering her plenty of support in the early days of her career.

She said: ‘Wow, thank you so much BAFTA! Sorry I’m only one who’s turned on the waterworks. Thank you Luke Jennings. Phoebe Waller-Bridge, I feel so lucky not only to say that I have worked with you but to call you a friend. 

‘You are the most talented person I know, thank you for being such an inspiration.

‘I would like to thank BBC America, you guys really are the best, and the entire cast and crew for coming back every year and giving it with the biggest smiles on my faces.

‘I also want to thank Stephen Graham; if I don’t already owe you a pint, I do now. Thank you for introducing me to to Jane, you have encouraged me and supported me.

‘Last but not least, bit of a personal one but I’d love to dedicate this award to my Nanna Francis, who sadly passed away the first week of filming, so she never got to see Villanelle.

‘She was the life and soul of everything, and when she was here she used to say to me: ”You get it off me you know”. And I just want to stand up here and say Nanna Francis you were absolutely right all along. Thank you so much BAFTA!’

Jodie originally considered a career in music and first got a taste for performing when she was in a girl band. 

Speaking to the Two Shots podcast, she told how in the middle of rehearsals for a school talent show, she went on holiday with her family.

She was then informed by the other members of the group that she could no longer take part because she missed too many rehearsals.

Although upset, Jodie decided to re-enter the talent show as a solo act and performed a dramatic monologue upon the encouragement of her mother.

She said: ‘You know when you’re a kid and you’re so upset you lose your breath? I remember going up to my mum and being so distraught.

‘She was like, “Why don’t you go back and ask your drama teacher if you can do your monologue? Do your own thing”.’

A few months later, she auditioned to play a young girl in a BBC Radio 4 drama.

Jodie admitted that she was taken aback by the international success of Killing Eve.

Jodie said: ‘If someone said to me last year that people would be dressing as Villanelle for Halloween I would have said, “Shut up!”

‘It’s been so amazing to be a part of something that has resonated with people and people have enjoyed.

‘People always ask me what the message is with Killing Eve. There isn’t one, you just have fun with it. I think that’s what people have enjoyed so much. I’ve never been part of a show which has had such a huge response.’

The actress is very close with her family and when she’s not filming Killing Eve in London or Europe, she travels back to Liverpool to stay with her mother.


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