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Joan Collins slams the lack of social distancing in St Tropez

Dame Joan Collins has slammed the lack of social distancing happening in the South of France.

The British actress, 87, who previously criticised the UK government for being ‘ageist’ to those over the age of 70 amid the ongoing crisis, shared a video to her Instagram account of the crowds meandering along the port during her St Tropez holiday.

Filming the visitors from the luxury of her yacht, she pointed out that she was safe, writing: ‘Not much social distancing in the port of Saint Tropez. However, I’m on a yacht and they’re not’.

Replying to her post, one user wrote: ‘On a yacht in the south of France. Giving us sparkling Gemini glamour and fabulousness for decades’.

‘Now thats the super glamourous way to social distance Joan , on a yacht! Love it! You rock girl!’, one said.

But another added: ‘Love you Joan! But that sound arrogance!’ (sic).

The film star, who has homes in London, Los Angeles, New York City, and France, has been enjoying an extended break in France with her husband Percy Gibson, 55.

In May, Dame Joan criticised the UK government for being ‘ageist’ to those over the age of 70 amid the ongoing crisis.

In her column for The Spectator, the actress claimed government advice saying elderly people needed to stay indoors during the global pandemic was ‘utter discrimination’.

Holding nothing back, she said: ‘I’ve always thought Western society was terribly ageist, and I don’t just mean showbiz folk but across the board.

‘Then the UK government insisted the over-70s, horrible expression, were part of the vulnerables, an even more horrible expression, and should remain in lockdown, the most horrible expression of all, until a vaccine is found.

‘That was utter discrimination against the hardy individuals who have no health issues. But more harmful was bolstering the existing belief among the general public that the old should keep out of everyone’s way.’

Joan previously declared she’d ‘settle’ at living til she’s 100 – and brushed off the age difference between her and Percy.

Joan married Percy Gibson, 55, in 2002, and said in a new interview that ‘people make too much fuss about age, which is just a number.’

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