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Jewellery designer makes animal-themed breakfasts for son, 5

A busy mother became so worried she and her son were failing to bond due to her two-hour commute that she started creating amazing breakfasts for him which look like his favourite animals.

Michelle Rozmarin Tamburro, 45, from New Jersey, prepares the fruit creations for Hudson, five, before she leaves to travel to her office in New York City, where she works as a jewellery designer.

It means that he wakes up every morning to the joy of a new design, such as a lion crafted from slices of pineapple and pancake, and a parrot made from apple, raspberries and yellow peppers. 

And the intricate meals, which each take one hour to put together, have allowed the mother-of-one to connect with Hudson. 

She talks to him about the designs when she arrives back home from work and they inject some fun into the most important meal of the day. 

Michelle said: ‘I was worried I was missing out on special time with him because I wasn’t there when he woke up.

‘The breakfasts give me something to talk to him about when I return in the evening.’

Hudson, who is cared for by his father – Michelle’s husband – when she is at work, loves the meals, which sometimes resemble his favourite superheroes.

Michelle added: ‘The meals are something I prepare most days for my son.

‘I ask him what things he’d like me to make out of breakfast, and I do them for him as a surprise when he wakes up.

‘The meals have allowed us to connect and bond through talking about the designs when I arrive back home.’

Michelle moved to New Jersey with her husband in 2015 when Hudson was born. It is a two-hour commute from New York City, where she had lived for 20 years previously.

Initially, Michelle came up with the designs herself but now Hudson is older he suggests animals and scenes from his favourite TV series’ like ‘Wild Kratts’ – an animated TV show which focuses on a different wild animal every episode – for Michelle to create out of breakfast.

While having no fixed method to how she creates each piece of food art, Michelle often uses banana as a base upon which to build-up an image on top of.

She has recently started using food dye applied to plates with a food airbrush gun to create delicate backdrops, such as the ocean, for scenes depicting marine life.

And since she started to share the creations on her Instagram page, @hudsonshappymeals, she has built a loyal fan base of more than 500 followers, many who are fellow food art fanatics with whom she shares tips and tricks.

Michelle said: ‘Now that Hudson is older we’ve started making some designs together – and if he’s not interested one day I just do them myself for fun.

‘I’ve got really into them.

‘There was a moment when Hudson didn’t want to make them, and I became sad because making them has become part of my routine.

‘I usually prepare them after Hudson has gone to sleep in the evening and preparing them relaxes my brain after a long day at work.’

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