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Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper enjoy Malibu beach date

They had sizzling on-screen chemistry when they starred alongside each other in her hit TV show Alias between 2001 to 2006.

And it seems Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper have managed to maintain a close friendship ever since. 

Jennifer, 48, who has reportedly split with her CEO boyfriend John Miller, was pictured with Bradley, 45, in Malibu, California on Tuesday, enjoying a beach playdate with the actor and his three-year-old daughter Lea De Seine. 

Both Bradley and Jennifer – who played best friends and sometimes lovers Will Tippin and Sydney Bristow on the ABC spy show – were all smiles as they built sandcastles with his daughter, whom he shares with his supermodel ex Irina Shayk, 34. 

The duo looked extremely happy to be in one another’s company, with Bradley showing off his muscled physique in just swimshorts, while Jennifer opted for a more casual outfit. 

There also appeared to be a dose of flirty fun going on as Bradley began doing some exercises in front of his former co-star, showing off his buff bod in the sun.   

They’re both now currently single, with Jennifer no longer with ex John, who founded the tech company Cali Group in 2011, according to a Thursday report by InTouch.

‘They split up before L.A. went into lockdown [from COVID-19],’ a source told the outlet. ‘Jen and John remain on friendly terms so there’s a possibility that they could rekindle their relationship in the future, but right now it’s over.’

Meanwhile, Bradley hasn’t been seriously linked to anyone since his split from Irina last year. 

The pair have fought off rumors in the past that there was something romantic between them, though neither of them have ever officially made a comment. 

Jennifer’s divorce to Ben Affleck was finalized in 2018, nearly three years after the couple separated and almost a decade into their marriage. They wed on the beach in 2005 after he split from Jennifer Lopez.

Ben, 47, and Jennifer share co-parenting responsibilities of their three children: Violet, 14, Seraphina, 11, and Samuel, eight. 

Jennifer’s ex Ben is now in a new relationship with Knives Out star Ana de Armas who has been very affectionate with in public. 

Ben has also introduced Ana to his children and the group have been regularly spotted out together.  

Jennifer’s exes include ex-husband Scott Foley (2000 to 2004) and Michael Vartan (2003 to 2004). 

Jennifer poured praise on Bradley before he went to the Oscars last year, where he was nominated for his role in A Star Is Born. ‘I taught him everything he knows,’ Jennifer said cheekily.

‘Happy Birthday, Bradley. Go get em tomorrow. We are all so proud of you.’ 

Bradley was nominated for Best Actor at the 2019 Academy Awards, though he lost out on the trophy to Rami Malek.  

As well as Alias, Jennifer and Bradley also shared the screen together in 2010 when they both appeared in the romantic comedy Valentine’s Day and they also made an appearance at the 2013 Screen Actors Guild Awards show. 

In 2018, Jennifer lovingly ‘roasted’ Bradley in a heartwarming tribute to the actor at the 32nd Annual Cinematheque Awards, gushing: ‘There is something about people who are the same in success and failure that makes us love them.’ 

Showing her comfortable she is with the star, Jennifer adorably poked fun at his bleached blonde hair in Alias, calling it ‘repellent to American women’ and compared him to looking like a ‘stray dog’ at the event. 

‘Those of us who knew him then celebrated his victories big and small,’ she told the crowd. ‘There is something about people who are the same in success and failure that makes us love them and tells us we know the very heart of them. I know the heart and stomach of Bradley Cooper.’

‘Bradley, what’s happening to you now is a pure joy to those who know you, especially to those of us who’ve known you from the start,’ she told him. ‘It turns out you weren’t just handsome all along. You were also a wonder, and you are welcome at my table anytime.’ 

She added, ‘St. Augustine said, Nothing bad can happen to a man who is loved by his mother, and Gloria loves Bradley.’

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Jennifer admitted that she took Bradley under her wing when they first started working together on Alias. 

‘I took him home and made him dinner,’ she revealed, adding: ‘I’m still making him dinner.’

The pair clearly had a ball working together on Alias, and displayed their closeness when they were interviewed around 2006 on Access Hollywood. 

Giggling together throughout the interview, at one point Jennifer is seen pawing over Bradley and grabbing his fake mustache which she calls ‘very sexy… except it tickles my lips’ which seemed to make him smile. 

When the interview jumps in and asks if the two characters ‘will be making out’ in the episode, Jennifer quips immediately: ‘No, we’ve just been making out’ as she points to Bradley with a smirk. 

Game for a laugh, Bradley then responds saying their supposed ‘make out’ session was all part of a ‘relaxation’ technique that he learned. 

‘Bradley Cooper is the Brad Pitt of Alias,’ Jennifer then added, clearly enjoying teasing the actor. ‘No, you know there’s nothing better, and the whole crew would agree with me, when Bradley comes back [to the show].’ 

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