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Jeffrey Epstein’s sex ring ‘recruiter’ is spotted hiding away in Los Angeles

A Russian-born massage therapist who is accused of helping depraved financier Jeffrey Epstein find new young wpmen to sexually abuse is attempting to move on from her role as an alleged sex trafficking recruiter.

Since her time allegedly working for Epstein, Natalya Malyshev has tried to start a new life in West Hollywood.

But despite her attempts to leave the past behind amid the furor over Epstein’s death in prison and alleged madam Ghislaine Maxwell’s arrest, the now 38-year-old’s involvement was recently brought to light in hit Netflix documentary series Filthy Rich.

An investigation by tracked Malyshev to her current home, where she has been living a hermit-like existence during the coronavirus pandemic.

Exclusive pictures show Malyshev running errands in her neighborhood while wearing a purple sports top, running pants and sneakers.

Malyshev was also spotted returning to her trendy apartment building, which boasts a pool, sun deck and rooftop views of the Hollywood sign and Downtown LA.

Her hair, pulled back under a purple headband, is much darker than the blonde locks she can be seen sporting in the last known photos taken of her a decade ago.

Sources close to the Russian-born professional massage therapist insist that she is just another Epstein victim who has been left traumatized by what he did to her.

But the claims made by Epstein victim Sarah Ransome in Filthy Rich about Malyshev’s role are extremely disturbing.

South African-born Sarah claims it was Malyshev who lured her into flying to Epstein’s private island in the Caribbean in 2006.

Once on the enclave in the US Virgin Islands, Sarah says Epstein’s abuse started ‘from the very first day’.

Sarah told the documentary makers: ‘Natalya called me and said that he (Epstein) wanted to see me in his room.

‘And there was this massage table and then I was asked to go on the table and he just raped me.’

Years later Malyshev was named as a defendant alongside Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, Maxwell ‘lieutenant’ Sarah Kellen and Epstein assistant Lesley Groff in a civil lawsuit brought by Sarah in January 2017.

Kellen and Groff are currently believed to be under investigation by the FBI for their role in the abuse.

Court documents show that Malyshev was accused of being ‘one of the enterprise’s recruiters of young females’, that she allegedly reported back to superiors including Maxwell and was paid for her efforts.

The documents also confirm that she was herself was a victim of Epstein’s ring.

They state: ‘The nature of [Epstein’s] sex trafficking ring enabled victims themselves, such as Defendant Malyshev, to elevate their status to that of a paid recruiter of other victims.’

The suit was settled out of court in December 2018 and those close to Malyshev claim that she was never served precisely because it was realized she was a victim herself.

Then in May this year the Netflix series was released and the skeletons in Malyshev closet were paraded again for the world to see.

In the series, Sarah Ransome claims she first met Malyshev while out nightclubbing after arriving in New York aged 22 in September 2006.

She said: ‘I met this girl, Natalya Malyshev. She immediately befriended me, she became like my instant best friend.

‘She said that she knew this amazing guy, he was a philanthropist, this guy genuinely is a really kind guy and, you know, whatever my dream is he can make it come true.

‘Natalya said ”This guy would really like to meet you, we’re going to the cinema”.

‘It was Jeffrey, of course. He was charming, charismatic, friendly, caring, where he actually listened to me.

‘And then I get a call, I think it was the next day or two days after.

‘It was Natalya going ”You’ll never believe it, Jeffrey really thought you were cool”.

‘This guy wants to help me out, pay for my education. He was going to get me into the Fashion Institute of Technology.

‘Natalya said ‘He’s got this private island and we’re going on his private plane and it’s amazing, it’s like a tropical paradise’ and I’m like down for going to a private island on a private plane.’

Flight logs for the Lolita Express, the private jet that Epstein used to ferry young girls and celebrity friends around in, show that Malyshev flew on it several times in the mid-2000s.

Message pad notes found at Epstein’s residence at his Palm Beach, Florida, marked ‘IMPORTANT MESSAGE’ and dating back to 2004 and 2005, also appear to show Malyshev scheduling women to meet with Epstein and his clients.

One dated to December 2004 notes a call from ‘Natalie’, with the message ‘She spoke with Jean-Luc and everything it’s ok’ – an apparent reference to former modelling agency manager and alleged Epstein accomplice Jean-Luc Brunel.

Sources close to Malyshev told she is willing to cooperate with authorities in their investigations if asked to do so.

One told ‘Natalya was a victim in this, big time. She did not know what was going to happen to Sarah Ransome on that island.

‘Sarah Ransome and her lawyer Brad Edwards never served Natalya in Sarah’s civil lawsuit and the case was ultimately dismissed.

‘It was litigated for almost two years and in December 2018 it was settled.

‘The reason Natalya wasn’t served is because it was realized that she was a victim.

‘Sarah Ransome had no idea what she was getting herself involved with but nor did Natalya and hundreds of other girls and young women.

‘Natalya is in a very fragile emotional state. The documentary used innuendo that she was a hired gun running around town when in fact she was a victim.’

‘Epstein basically asked any girl he saw more than once ”Do you have any friends? Bring them along,’ the source added. 

‘He had a magnetic and powerful presence and people wanted to be around him, very famous people who for 20 or 30 years considered him a guru of sorts.

‘He was the conman of all conmen.

‘Natalya is very willing and will not shy away from cooperating with the investigators at the FBI if they want to speak to her about this matter and they know that.’

When approached, Malyshev said she had no comment to make.

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