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Jaw-dropping winners at the 2020 bird photographer of the year awards 

Bird Photographer of the Year has announced its 2020 winner for the fifth year of the prestigious competition’s running. 

Winning images in this category often include those that are taken using creative camera techniques such as slow shutter speeds and panning for fast-moving birds.

As opposed to other categories where there are rules about digital editing the competition ‘actively encourages you to use your skills and imagination to create images utilising the full potential of today’s modern digital darkroom techniques’. 

This category looks for pictures that ‘best captures the character of the subject bird and its distinctive features’. 

The judges look for detail, poses, diagnostic features or behaviour.  

  This category is ‘the encouragement and recognition of the younger generation of birders and photographers’.

 This category ‘focuses on the smaller details of a bird’. 

The judges look for images that portray parts of birds people would not usually see in everyday circumstances.   

Birds in the Environment is an opportunity for photographers to show the relationship between the bird and the space in which the bird is usually found.  

Judges look for ‘knowledge and control of the camera settings to freeze the action or introduce motion blur’ in Birds in Flights photographs. 

They want photographers to take advantage of the  digital technology of today that have ‘revolutionised flight photography’.  

This is a new category introduced this year to ‘celebrate the simplicity and drama of the monochrome image’ despite the fact that many birds are extremely colourful.  

Judges have said photographs in this category should ‘invoke an emotional response’ by ‘depicting the unique aspects of bird behaviour’.

This category ‘celebrates the relationship between birds and people’ and looks for creative representations of how the two co-exist. 

Judges looks at entries of groups of six photographs and award best portfolio to the group that ‘showcases diversity of technique while demonstrating consistency of skill and talent’. 

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