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Jared Kushner says he has ‘no fear’ about sending his kids back to school amid COVID-19 pandemic

Jared Kushner says he has ‘no fear’ about sending his children back to in-person classes as the new school year commences. 

The White House senior advisor, 39, made the declaration during an interview with Margaret Brennan on CBS’ Face The Nation Sunday morning. 

Kusher and his wife, Ivanka Trump, are parents to three school-aged children: Arabella, nine; Joseph, six; and Theodore, four.  

Brennan told Kushner that parents across the country are ‘nervous’ about the prospect of sending their children back to school amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, before she asked whether his kids would be heading back into the classroom. 

‘Absolutely,’ Kushner responded, adding that he and his wife have made the decision ‘based on the data and science’ that they have received. 

‘Children have a six times higher chance to die from the flu than from the coronavirus, so based on the data I’ve seen, I don’t believe that’s a risk,’ Kushner stated. 

He added: ‘Our school’s not opening back up five days a week,’ he told the program. ‘I wish they would, but we absolutely will be sending our kids back to school, and I have no fear in doing so.’ 

Kushner’s children attend Milton Gottesman Jewish Day School in Washington, D.C. 

The school is due to commence the 2020-2021 academic year early next month, but Grades 1- 8 ‘will principally use distance learning for academic instruction, with regular in-person opportunities for outdoor education and community building.’

The school appears only to be conducting in-person lessons in outdoor spaces and in small numbers. 

According to an official flyer from the school, gatherings ‘will feature outdoor experiences in which the children will be physically distanced but socially connected. 

‘Students in the different grades will engage in developmentally-appropriate activities, from on campus outdoor play and hands-on learning for younger students to hikes, nature-inspired scientific exploration, and creative team-building challenges for older students’.

It’s a far different story at many public schools across the country as in-person classes resume. 

Images from several schools in Georgia shared on social media last week showed students crammed into hallways without wearing masks. 

In one county, outside of Atlanta, at least 1,000 students  are now in quarantine following the resumption of in-person classes last week.  

At least 38 students and 12 teachers from the Cherokee County School District  tested positive for the virus in the week that in-person classes resumed.  

Elsewhere, a high school in Indiana  suspended in-person classes two days into the school year after at least one staffer tested positive.  The diagnosis sparked fear in the community. 

Parents remain divided about whether to send their children back to school – but President Trump has strongly insisted that schools re-open on a full-time basis. 

It comes as the coronavirus pandemic continues to cripple the country. 

As of Saturday, more than 5.3 million Americans have tested positive to the virus. More than 165,000 have died. 

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