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Italian girl, 15, ‘is raped on the beach by two “unaccompanied minors”‘

A 15-year-old girl has claimed she was raped on a beach by two underage boys, thought to be migrants.

The girl, from Venice, was reportedly sitting alone on Lignano beach, north-east Italy, waiting for some friends when she was approached by three boys.

Two of them raped her, according to local media, while the third stood by and watched.

When they left she called emergency services sparking a man-hunt across the area that led to their arrest.

The alleged rape took place on August 15, a major public holiday in Italy known as Ferragosto when families and friends meet for long meals.

The girl had travelled 60 miles from her home in Venice on August 14 to spend the public holiday with some friends, it has been reported.

But as she sat waiting for some friends, who had gone to bring another group to the beach, on August 15 she was approached by the three boys.

The three alleged migrants had reportedly travelled to Lignano from Milan, on the other side of the country. 

Two of the boys are Albanian and one is Egyptian, according to Conservative Italian newspaper Il Giornale. They are reportedly aged between 16 and 17.

The Northern League Security Councillor of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, Pierpaolo Roberti, told the publication: ‘More controls and stricter measures, up to chemical castration for those who commit crimes of a sexual nature (are needed).’

He added: ‘The worrying cultural climate in which certain phenomena occur is a sign of a total lack of any kind of values.’ 

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