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IRA bomber living in Boston is deported to Belfast

An IRA bomber who was living in Boston after entering the US illegally multiple times between 2000 and 2007 has been deported to Belfast. 

Darcey McMenamin, 44, was deported on Monday after trying to plead his case in court in Massachusetts. 

He was 18 when he took part in the 1993 mortar attack on police in Fintona, northern Ireland, on behalf of the Irish Republican Army. 

He was arrested in Boston last year for trying to hire a car under fraudulent means, and was turned over to ICE shortly afterwards. 

It was then determined that he’d entered the US illegally on the visa waiver program multiple times between 2000 and 2007 by not declaring that he was a criminal.  

During his time in custody, McMenamin asked to be released citing fears of COVID-19. 

The judge denied that request and kept him in an ICE facility. It’s unclear when he will be sent back to Ireland. 

He made no secret of who he was despite being in the country illegally and even spoke of his Irish background at a Rhode Island Irish history event in 2016.

‘He talked about growing up in Ireland and how hard it was as a kid,’ one person who attended the event but who wished to remain anonymous told Irish Central after his arrest last year. 

The 1993 attack in Fintona brought an end to the Christmas Truce that year.

No one was inside the police station when McMenamin and Dominic Pearse Darcy, who was 21 at the time, bombed it. 

Two innocent by-standers were injured in the attack. 

McMenamin was sentenced to eight years in prison but he was given compassionate release as part of the Good Friday Agreement. 

It’s unclear how long he actually spent before bars before coming to the US, where he’d retained contacts in Boston.

He entered for the last time in 2007 after being given ‘port authorized parole’ for the birth of a child. 

He never left, according to The Boston Herald.

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