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Internet users across the world report problems with accessing websites in major global outage 

Internet users across the world have reported connection problems in what seems to be a major global outage. 

Website Down Detector, which tracks the status of websites, reveals a spike in outages across several sites and online services – including eBay, Twitter, Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. 

Generally speaking, the issues were being reported between 11am and 2pm. 

On, which tracks outages worldwide, a significant spike was reported shortly before midday, with affected regions including the United States, Brasil, Britain, France, and Japan.  

Web performance and security giant Cloudflare reported that they were aware of, and investigating an issue which potentially impacted ‘multiple customers’.

They later posted an update saying: ‘We have identified an issue with a transit provider which is causing 5xx class HTTP errors, such as HTTP 522, 502, 503.

‘This is affecting all data centers that make use of this transit provider and we are working on implementing mitigations to alleviate this issue.’

A series of online games, including Roblox, Fifa, Red Dead Redemption II, Runescape and Grand Theft Auto V were reported to have issues earlier today. 

Hundreds of outages were also reported for Visa, with PayPal also seeing its share of reported outages.

Shortly before 2pm, Cloudflare posted: ‘We are continuing to engage with our partners, fixes are being implemented with other transit providers.’

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