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Infant baby reported trapped in NYC car is determined to be lifelike doll

New York City medics were relieved to find a baby reportedly trapped inside a hot car turned out to be a lifelike doll.


A security guard noticed what he believed to be an infant in the back seat of a vehicle at Metro Mall in Queens on Wednesday afternoon. 

The guard called authorities who raced to the scene and found the purported baby inside an unlocked Honda. 

The FDNY told the New York Post that first responders were about to perform CPR before they ‘quickly realized it was a doll’.

Shortly after, the female owner of the vehicle arrived back at her car surprised by the unfolding commotion. 

According to ABC, she paid $3,000 for the lifelike doll, which she hugged and cradled for news cameras. 

She then gave the doll a diaper change, the network reported. 

It’s the second time in two weeks that a lifelike doll has caused panic for New York City authorities. 

On June 18, medics responded to a 911 call of a baby found face down in Crocheron Park, Queens. 

EMS workers declared the ‘baby’ dead, and more than 20 police officers descended upon the area. 

A crime scene tent was also set up and a worker in a hazmat suit was brought to the area.

The ‘deceased infant’ was later determined to be a doll. 

It’s believed whoever planted the plastic toy in the area was attempting to play a prank, with the doll dressed in a onesie with the words ‘The Crawling Dead’ emblazoned upon it. 


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