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Indiana firefighters retrieve a woman’s prosthetic leg worth $20,000 after she lost it while boating

A team of Indiana firefighters retrieved a woman’s prosthetic leg valued at $20,000 after she lost it while boating on a reservoir over the weekend. 

The Indianapolis Fire Department shared news of the rescue on Twitter Saturday night. 

The department’s Tactical Team 7 had just finished up two hours of training exercise in Geist Reservoir, also known as Family Cove, when they were approached by officers from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

The officers explained that a female boater in her 40s ‘was enjoying the day on her family’s anchored, pontoon boat, when she accidentally lost her titanium/carbon fiber leg, valued at $20,000 in an area of Geist known as “Family Cove”.’ 

‘Without hesitation, the crew gathered their dive equipment from the rescue truck and hopped into DNR’s boat,’ the news release said. 

With help from the owner of the leg, the crew was able to assess a general ‘last known location’ and begin the search.

Three divers then went into the water to search for the prosthetic leg. Each diver spent about 20 minutes, in zero visibility, attempting to locate the lost leg. 

However, they were only initially successful in locating ‘sunglasses, an anchor and multiple beer bottles’.

After an hour, the divers and DNR were about ready to call off the search. But on the final pass for the third diver, the leg was located 20 feet down, about 100 yards off shore.   

Photos from the rescue show the firefighter hold the leg in the air as he made his way back to the boat. 

The leg was then returned to its rightful owner who had stayed at the scene the entire time.  

‘All smiles for both the firefighters, DNR officers and the very grateful family, who despite the potential loss of a very valuable item, maintained a sense of humor and were extremely helpful by staying on scene and near the last known location,’ the fire department said. 

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