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Incredible moment two police officers rescue a terrified horse from a burning barn

Two Pennsylvania police officers rushed into a burning barn and rescued a traumatized horse that was in danger of being engulfed by the raging blaze.

The incident, which was filmed by police body camera, took place on July 23 in the Hilltown Township section of Bucks County, which is about 40 miles northwest of Philadelphia.

Officers Matthew Reiss and Kristian Hanus were called to a barn in the 1500 block of Hilltown Pike that caught fire.

Body cam footage shows the officers approach the burning barn as thick smoke comes out of it.

The officers were told by a farm worker that a horse was trapped inside.

Footage shows the frightened animal shell-shocked in its pen and unwilling to come out.

So the officers grabbed a rope and tied it around the horse. With the farm worker’s help, they managed to pull the animal to safety before it galloped off into a nearby field.

According to Hilltown Police, the local fire department arrived a short time later with help from firefighters from nearby Montgomery County.

Eight people were treated for injuries at the scene before four of them were rushed to local hospitals.

Both officers also suffered minor injuries.

The Bucks County Fire Marshal’s Office and the Hilltown Police are investigating the cause of the fire. 

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