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Husband surprises his wife with new kayak strapped to the car roof but doesn’t realise it’s too tall

This is the hilarious moment a husband tried to surprise his wife by strapping a kayak to the roof of their car – but hasn’t realized it won’t fit through the garage door.

The video shows an unnamed man tying a bright green kayak to the top of a red Chevrolet SUV as a surprise for his wife, in Vero Beach, Florida.

He had recently got the kayak for free and was trying to rig it to the top of their car using ropes because it doesn’t have a rack.   

As the woman enters the garage, she asks, ‘honey, what are you doing?’  

The husband said: ‘Just wrapping this up. I was going to surprise you, because you said we had no way to get the kayak to the beach.’ 

He excitedly asks her to come take a look at his handy-work as he stands on the back door, adding the finishing touches to the job. 

But the nice surprise turns into a hilarious fail as the garage door in the background comes into view – with the kayak sitting just too tall to get out.

The man’s face falls when his wife asks, ‘quick question, how are we going to get it out the garage?’  

A caption on the video at this moment reads *instantly realizes he messed up*.

His wife said: ‘I noticed he was out in our garage for a long time and figured he was up to something.

‘I immediately knew when I saw the kayak on top it was too tall to get out of the garage, but my husband was just too excited to surprise me to realize that.’ 

The video was taken on July 10.  

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