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Hunter Biden hints at his personal troubles as he and sister Ashley introduce their dad

Hunter Biden appeared on behalf of his father at Thursday night’s Democratic National Convention in a video with his sister Ashley. 

The Bidens’ two adult children said every other line of the video, with Hunter Biden describing his dad as ‘honest’ and ‘the strongest shoulder you can lean on.’ 

‘He’ll listen. He’ll be there when you need him. He’ll never let you down,’ Hunter Biden said, a subtle hint to his personal troubles. 

He said his dad would ‘make your grandkids feel that what they’ve got to say matters.’ 

‘He’ll get up no matter how many times he’s been knocked down,’ Hunter Biden continued.  ‘He’ll be the best friend you’ve ever had.’ 

At the end of the quick video tribute, which was seemingly not filmed in Delaware where Ashley, the grandchildren and Joe and Jill Biden have been this week, but with no sign of Hunter, the two siblings poked fun at some of their dad’s more goofy tendencies. 

‘And if you give him your cell phone number,’ Hunter Biden said. 

‘He’s going to call it,’ Ashley Biden said. 

‘How do we know?’ Hunter Biden said. 

‘Because he’s been that way our whole lives,’ Ashley Biden said. 

Hunter’s appearance at the DNC was announced earlier Thursday when the Democrats put out the schedule. 

His business dealings in Ukraine and China have been political fodder for Republicans throughout Joe Biden’s run for the White House, with Trump’s impeachment based on the president’s quest to have the Ukrainian president announce an investigation into Joe and Hunter Biden. 

Hunter Biden’s personal life has also given the family unwanted attention as he dated Beau’s widow Hallie after his brother’s death, had a child out-of-wedlock with a former D.C.-based stripper and then quickly wed his latest wife, Melissa Cohen, who gave birth to a baby boy in April. 

He’s most recently been living in California.  

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