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Huge brawl breaks out at Wireless festival as both women and men punch and kick each other

Teenagers kicked and punched each other, regardless of gender, during a brawl at Wireless Festival yesterday.


Josh Weston posted a video to Twitter showing a group of teenage boys hitting and kicking each other as girls try to get between them during the festival in Finsbury Park, London.

But as the fight between the two boys intensifies one girl, with purple braids, gets caught in the middle. 

When she tries to break up the tussle she is rewarded with a hardy punch to the face from a shirtless boy in blue jean shorts and white shoes.

The girl, wearing a frilled colourful skirt, takes a moment to consider what just happened before kicking the boy in the chest.

As his former opponent curls in to a ball on the floor the boy tries to re-approach him for a second round but is escorted away by another girl wearing white. 

The festival’s security then arrive to officially put an end to the fight as the boy lies curled up on the floor — seemingly in pain. 

As the boy is helped up others who were involved in the scrap can be seen making their way through the crowd to get away from security. 

Posting the video yesterday at 3.22pm Josh described the moment as his ‘highlight of the day’. 

It came just hours before former Love Island contestant Olivia Buckland was at the centre of a ‘riot’ in the middle of a crowd at the festival.

She tweeted: ‘Wireless scared me yesterday. We got into the middle & a riot kicked off in the middle, weren’t really a mosh pit just pure savage a poor girl got dragged under & stamped on. She passed out & Alex & I had to carry her out with her friend. It was bloody awful. Never again.’

The reality TV star says she helped do the girl’s makeup before giving her a pep talk. 

Wireless, which began yesterday and will continue until tomorrow, is the UK’s biggest and most famous urban music festival. 

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