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How to make a pizza with NO pizza ingredients

A bizarre hack showing how to make pizza without a base, tomatoes or mozzarella has won over TikTok users.

In a video posted last week, Mechelle Malto, from the Philippines, posted the ‘pan pizza’ hack, which she says she uses when she’s feeling too lazy to make dough.

She starts by placing 10 pieces of sliced white bread in a pan, and flattens them out with her hand to make a thin base, vaguely resembling a crust. 

Next, she covers the base in tomato ketchup, spread the sauce thin so it goes right to the side. 

For the third step, she grates cheddar onto the pizza, but explains that any kind of cheese is okay to use.

Maleta then adds canned beef and onions, but says you can add any toppings you like, as long as they are precooked.

She then places the pan on the stove and cooks it on a low heat to let it cook.

The home cook admits she doesn’t know how to keep it on the stove for, and that others will just ‘know when it’s ready’. 

She said they final creation is ‘yummy and crunchy’ and that her family love the dish.

Maleta also explained it’s a great way to cook up old food to stop it going to waste.

‘It’s a bit like thin crust pizza. My family likes this better than true pizza,’ she added.

The video has now racked up more than a million views, with dozens of people eager to try out the recipe.

‘Nice one, thanks for the idea,’ said one. ‘Great idea, I’m going to try,’ added another.

‘Very practical,’ commented a third.’I’m gonna cook this for my wife and kids, thanks!’ (sic).  

Frying pan pizza has become a food trend among home cooks in lockdown, as foodies tried to recreate their favourite dish while the restaurants were closed. 

London food chain Pizza Pilgrims has also got in on the action. It’s selling ‘Pizza in the Post’ kits, enabling you to recreate its pizza recipes using the frying pan and grill method at home. 

Its first batch reportedly sold out in under a minute, and the chain is now re-stocking every day to deliver countrywide to help keen foodies post their recreations online.

Speaking to Femail, Waitrose revealed its online searches for the term ‘pizza dough’ are up 332 per cent year on year at, with the term ‘pizza sauce’ also up by 531 per cent. 

Customer demand for bread flour is high, with sales up by 145 per cent compared to this time last year, and yeast sales also rising by 190 per cent. 

According to Kendall Zaluski, chef tutor at the Waitrose Cookery School in Finchley Road, London, a frying pan is a great tool to make the perfect pizza.

She told FEMAIL: ‘I actually think that the best way to get a top notch pizza at home is in a frying pan – you get that initial heat to the bottom of the pizza, which gives a crispy base and better rise throughout the dough.

‘Pizza is such a fun, family-friendly dinner to make and the topping possibilities and pizza shapes are endless, so it’s not surprising that it has become a lockdown staple.’

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