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Horrifying moment pram is sent flying at pedestrian crossing

This is the horrifying moment a pram with a three-month-old baby inside was sent flying by a speeding drunk driver in Ukraine. 

Dashcam footage filmed at a pedestrian crossing showed the driver of a ZAZ Slavuta smashing into the pram in the city of Energodar last Friday. 

The baby was rushed to an intensive care unit where doctors said it was a ‘miracle’ that he had survived.  

The driver was arrested and found to be nine times over the alcohol limit, and could face three years in prison.  

The clip is filmed from an approaching car which stops at the zebra crossing on a dual carriageway in Energodar. 

The baby’s mother, wearing a green winter jacket, pushes her pram across the first lane before she suddenly notices the approaching car. 

The mother stops just in time to avoid being hit, but the pram is sent spinning through the air before it crashes into a barrier. 

The horrified woman rushes over to help her baby while two men including the drunk driver get out of the speeding car in an effort to help her.  

The 34-year-old mother Maria Tkachenko told local media: ‘The driver ran up to me with apologies and I felt a strong smell of alcohol coming from him.’ 

The baby was taken to intensive care where he was carefully examined by doctors.   

A surgeon at the Zaporizhia Regional Children’s Hospital, Kostyantyn Markov, told local media: ‘It’s a miracle that the boy survived and apparently did not receive severe injuries.

‘He does not have visible signs of head trauma or bone fractures. His condition is stable. We are monitoring him 24 hours a day.’ 

Mrs Tkachenko says her baby son will be staying in the hospital until doctors have finished all necessary examinations. 

The 39-year-old driver was detained by police and sent for a medical examination.

Medics found 1.85 ppm of alcohol in his blood which is nine times above the limit. The man was arrested and criminal proceedings were initiated. 

The suspect faces up to three years in prison if found guilty.  

‘I do not want him to serve a sentence in prison but I want him to be banned from driving,’ the mother said.     

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