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High school students ‘made sexual advances at teacher via Zoom’

Students at a Texas high school were studying art via Zoom this week when they were left aghast by the antics of a freshman, who lifted his shirt and proceeded to make sexually explicit gestures and remarks directed at their teacher.

The disturbing display took place on Tuesday during a remote-learning class at Edison High School in San Antonio, which was attended by more than a dozen students from various grade levels. 

Junior Eduardo Corpus told KSAT that multiple students were in on the stunt.

‘They were pulling their shirts off and saying, like, really disgusting stuff to the teacher, making her feel uncomfortable,’ Corpus said.

Video from the Zoom session that was shared with the news outlet showed a boy lifting his shirt, suggestively groping his own chest and gyrating.

‘Why you so sexy, Ms?’ the boy could be heard saying in the recording.

The station reported that the same student also said he would perform a sexual act on the teacher.

‘I just don’t understand what goes through the kid’s heads, you know? Like what? What are they thinking when they do that?’ Corpus said.

The San Antonio Independent School District has released a statement promising to take ‘appropriate disciplinary action’ against the culprits. 

‘Even with remote learning, we are following the SAISD student code of conduct, which has policies in place to promote and maintain a positive, safe and effective learning environment for students and adults,’ the statement continued. 

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