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Helicopter passengers pass through a rare FULL CIRCLE rainbow while flying above a volcano 

This is the stunning moment a helicopter passed through a rare full circle rainbow while flying above a volcano.

Helicopter passengers were left ‘in awe’ at the phenomenon as the rainbow appears to be going in a full circle in the sky. 

Photographer Anna Kim, 40, took the breathtaking footage while on a helicopter ride in Maui, Hawaii. 


While in the sky above the island volcano Haleakala, the flight led straight towards the unusual weather phenomenon.  

As the camera looks over the side of the helicopter the rainbow loops underneath appearing to go in a circle and not the usual semi-circle shape.

Passengers were stunned to see the rainbow and there appeared to be fainter small double one as well. 

Ms Kim was only going to document her friend Doug Moh’s flying but ended up catching the rare sight.  

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