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Hack allows iPhone users to unlock their devices instantly even while wearing a FACE MASK

Apple has always been at the cutting edge with new technology — but when they debuted Face ID security, it’s clear that they didn’t see an immediate future in which a global pandemic would necessitate wearing face-covering masks in public.

That’s proven a bit tricky and annoying for iPhone users, who have been stuck resorting to entering their PIN codes — or risking their health and the health of others by pulling down their masks — in order to access their devices. 

Luckily, there’s a way around that, which TikTok user @kaansanity has so helpfully shared on the video app with over 51 million viewers to date. 

‘I’m gonna show you how to unlock your phone with your voice,’ he says in the viral video, which he uploaded on June 27

First, he instructs viewers to go to Settings and select Accessibility, which is in the third block of options below General, Control Center, and Display & Brightness. 

Then select Voice Control (under the ‘Physical and Motor’ subsection).

For the trick to work, Voice Control — the first option at the top of the screen — needs to be enabled. This allows users to use their voice to control their iOS device, without even saying ‘Hey Siri.’

Once that has been enable, click on Customize Commands to create a new voice command.

‘From here, click “Create New Command” and type in whatever phrase you want to use to unlock your phone,’ @kaansanity says, using ‘open sesame’ as his own example.

‘Then click “Run Custom Gesture” and type in the place your passcode would be,’ he says.

For example, if your PIN code for your iPhone is 1234, tap on the screen where the 1, 2, 3, and 4 keys would be, in succession.

This means that when you give the voice command of your choice — whether it be ‘open sesame’ like @kaansanity’ or even ‘lemme see my phone’ — your iPhone will behave as if you are tapping out your PIN number and unlock your phone.

Thankfully, @kaansanity has shared several other videos with little-known iPhone hacks, including showing viewers how to scan documents into the Notes app and enact a simple voice commands to do instantly take a picture.

In another video, he even has a clever trick for hiding photos directly in your camera roll so friends or family scrolling through won’t stumble upon private pictures.

His popular videos rack up hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of views each. 

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