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Grandson of Kazakhstan ex-president found dead in London

A wealthy playboy and grandson of Kazakhstan’s former president has been found dead in London, months after claiming he had evidence of high-level corruption linked to Russia.

Aisultan Nazarbayev, 29, who was once groomed as a future leader of Kazakhstan and had Kayne West perform at his wedding, is said to have died in London on Sunday from suspected heart failure.

His death comes months after he claimed he had evidence of high-level corruption running into billions of dollars between Kazakhstan and Russia.

In February, it is alleged he wrote two posts on his Facebook page requesting political asylum in the UK after claims he was being harassed by his family.

But his comments were dismissed on the same day by Kazakhstan’s Minister of Information and Social Development Dauren Abayev, who claimed Aisultan was a ‘a drug addict’.

Aisultan had been the favourite grandson of longtime ex-president Nursultan Nazarbayev.

He attended prestigious military college Sandhurst, apparently on the recommendation of Prince Andrew. 

A former military spy for Kazakhstan, Aisultan said earlier this year he had applied for political asylum in London after complaining of being harassed by his powerful mother, Dariga, the ex-president’s eldest daughter – who is a major political figure in his homeland.

In a statement yesterday, his mother said: ‘My family is devastated at the loss of our beloved Aisultan and we ask for privacy at this very difficult time.’

Aisultan had earlier been a member of Chelsea’s football youth academy, a move that was rumoured to have been arranged by club owner Roman Abramovich at the request of Vladimir Putin.

Kanye West was paid £2million to perform at his 2013 wedding when Aisultan was still being groomed for tsardom in Kazakhstan.

His bride was Alima Boranbayeva, then 20, a student at the Courtauld Institute of Art in London, daughter of an oil mogul involved in Kazakh-Russian trade.

Aisultan used the family name Nazarbayev because his maternal grandfather, the then president, wanted to groom him for leadership roles.

His own ex-spy chief father Rakhat Aliyev was banished from Kazakhstan after falling out with the authoritarian ruler.

His parents were forced by his grandfather to divorce and his father later died in mysterious circumstances – officially from ‘hanging’ – in a Vienna jail in 2015 after Nazarbayev sought his return face a court for murder,

Six months ago Aisultan is alleged to have written a post on his Facebook page in which he called on people in his homeland to ‘unite against the power inside the country’.

The post said: ‘We will prove to those who are at the helm of the state that they are not Gods.

‘They can, of course, pursue us, kill us, take away freedom and even drive us into the most deadlock situations in life.

‘But, believe me, God is with us and we will win. At this time, my family is trying to put pressure on me.’

He claimed: ‘I have information about high-level corruption between the government of Russia and Kazakhstan.

‘I am talking about billions of US dollars stolen from the people of Kazakhstan.’

He had earlier claimed that in 2017 that his mother and stepfather had hired private detectives to track him in London.

This was soon after he had had a face to face meeting with his grandfather – who continues to lead the security council in Kazakhstan – warning him about grand scale corruption.

He claimed the Kazakh authorities had taken his passport from a London hotel without his consent, and that the then president had shouted at him on the phone.

He also told that he had been drugged on a visit to Moscow and that his wife had been ordered to divorce him.

Earlier, as well as a footballer he had been the Kazakh Football Federation’s vice-president in charge of relations with FIFA and UEFA.

Aisultan went to Sandhurst in 2009 because his grandfather wanted him to follow in the footsteps of British princes William and Harry, it was reported at the time.

It was also claimed that Prince Andrew – a frequent visitor to Kazakhstan – had fixed it for the dictator to ensure his grandson got the best military education at Sandhurst.

Aisultan was last year handed a suspended prison sentence after biting a police officer on the arm after being Tasered in a West End apartment.

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