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Ghislaine Maxwell wrote song for Jeffrey Epstein’s birthday with lyrics about ‘schoolgirl crushes’

A friend of Ghislaine Maxwell has revealed details of the ‘creepy’ song he was commissioned to perform at the birthday of Jeffrey Epstein – which included lyrics about ‘schoolgirl crushes’ and ’24-hour erections’.  

Society writer Christopher Mason, 54, who lives in Manhattan, writes and performs musical roasts and topical satirical songs, and after meeting Maxwell in 1989 was asked to perform at the millionaire paedophile’s 40th birthday. 

Speaking to FEMAIL ahead of Crime + Investigation’s Surviving Jeffrey Epstein, he told he was led into a room in Epstein’s New York townhouse where a ‘gentleman’s club’ of six or seven men wearing black tie and smoking cigars were waiting for him. 

He was asked to sit on the floor cross-legged to perform his song, all while wearing the disgraced paedophile’s own karate suit, which Maxwell, 54, had asked him to put on as a practical joke designed to ‘freak Jeffery out’. 

Christopher claimed that following the death of disgraced British media mogul Robert Maxwell, Epstein had become a paternal figure in Ghislaine’s life, and she was desperate for his approval because of her ‘monster’ father. 

‘I was instructed to knock on the door’, Christopher told FEMAIL. ‘Introduce myself, sit in the middle of the room, cross legged in Jeffery’s Karate outfit, which Ghislaine had asked me to wear. 

‘He was studying karate, he was going for his black belt and she somehow knew he would figure out I was wearing his karate outfit and that would freak him out slightly.’ 

‘I had to sit cross legged in this room, there was a real sense of – they were drinking brandy and smoking cigars – and it was this gentleman’s club atmosphere of guys enjoying each others company. It was kind of a Masters of the Universe undertone.’

Christopher went on to tell how Maxwell sought ‘approval’, from Epstein in the same way she did her father – claiming he became a paternal figure in her life. 

‘My impression was her father was a famous monster’, he told, ‘And she was his favourite and she would do anything to please her father and get his approval.’

Maxwell and Epstein’s tight-knit relationship meant Christopher was banned from asking anyone else about the billionaire, and despite the light-hearted nature of the song – all information was to go through her. 

‘[It’s] very creepy to think about it in retrospect, he told. ‘Usually when I write these songs I usually try to speak to as many people as possible, to get a real sense of the person and get as much comedy as I can for the song.

‘But in this case, Ghislaine was insistent I shouldn’t speak to anyone else. All the information had to come from her.’  

Despite having no formal qualifications, in the 1970s Epstein taught physics and mathematics teacher at the prestigious Dalton School in Manhattan, after being hired by then- headmaster Donald Barr – the father of current US Attorney General, William Barr. 

Christopher was asked to include ‘specific odd and quirky’ lyrics in his song, including lines about being an object of lust to his students during his time at the prestigious school. 

‘There were very specific things she wanted in the song’, said Christopher. ‘She wanted me to mention that when he was teaching at the Dalton school, he was subject to many school girl crushes. It seemed like an odd thing to request to be in the song. 

‘And she wanted me to claim that Jeffery had 24-hour erections, these were odd quirky things she wanted to have in the song.’  

Epstein’s stint at the elite private school proved to be the beginning of four decades spent in the midst of power and privilege.

During his two-year tenure at the school, Epstein met Bear Stearns CEO Alan Greenberg, whose two children were students at Dalton.

Greenberg was reportedly impressed by Epstein’s quick mind, and offered him a job as a trader at Bear Stearns in 1976.

Epstein quickly found success in the field, and went on to work as a financial consultant.He opened his own financial management firm, J. Epstein & Company, in 1988.  

Maxwell met Epstein in the early 1990s at a New York party following a difficult break-up with former boyfriend Count Gianfranco Cicogna Mozzoni – and Christpher described her at the time as ‘incredibly engaging, supremely social, staggeringly well connected’.  

According to Christopher, Maxwell met Epstein after she had moved to a ‘modest’ one-bedroom apartment in New York, but after sparking a relationship with the financier, was soon galavanting on ‘private planes and yachts’ once again. 

He told: ‘Within no time at all it seemed everything changed and she was hanging out with Jeffery and there was talk of private planes and yachts.  

In November 1991, Ghislaine’s media mogul father Robert Maxwell, who at the height of his career was estimated to be worth a staggering $1.9 billion, died – with his publishing empire collapsing soon after.  

Following his death, huge discrepancies in his companies’ finances were revealed, with the discovery he had completely emptied his employee pension funds to the tune of at least $900 million.    

‘The next thing I knew was her father dying and we’re hearing these reports of what a horrible monster he was,’ said Christopher.

‘The story was that Ghislaine and her family were now destitute and at the time, she really seemed like she was down on her luck.’   

Maxwell is currently in custody in Brooklyn and faces 35 years behind bars if convicted of the charges, while Epstein, who killed himself in jail last year on similar charges, escaped justice.

Prosecutors say she procured underage girls for Jeffrey Epstein in the 1990s and that the pair both he sexually abused them. She denies the claims.

Christopher revealed that while peers had no idea of the extent of the pair’s crimes, it was common knowledge that Epstein ‘liked younger women’ and ‘part of Ghislaine’s remit’ was introducing the millionaire to those younger women.  

‘At that point I’d heard not directly from Ghislaine, but from close friends of Ghislaine’, told Christopher, ‘That part of their relationship was that they were boyfriend girlfriend, or had been until recently, but Jeffery liked younger women, and part of Maxwell’s remit was introducing Jeffery to younger girls. 

‘At the time we had no sense of what that really meant was it was girls from posh private schools in New York.’ 

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