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Ghislaine Maxwell: Testimony about sex life may be released

Ghislaine Maxwell’s secret testimony about details of her sex life could soon become public. 

The testimony was given by Maxwell in 2016 as part of a lawsuit filed against her by Virginia Roberts Giuffre. 

It is among a trove of documents that have been sealed for years, as part of the resolution of the lawsuit, but that may now become public in light of dozens of women coming forward in the last 18 months to accuse Maxwell and her late ex-boyfriend and ‘partner’, Jeffrey Epstein, of prolonged sexual abuse and trafficking. 

On Thursday, Judge Loretta Preska will decide whether or not to let the files become public. 

Maxwell’s attorney has tried to stop them from being released. In a recent filing, he called the questioning she was subjected to ‘intrusive’. 

She only answered them, the lawyer said, because she had a ‘a strong expectation of continued confidentiality.’

Among remarks she previously made include one about Giuffre, who was 17 when she was hired by Epstein as a traveling masseuse. 

She said: ‘You can be a professional masseuse at 17 in Florida, so as far as I am aware, a professional masseuse showed up for a massage. 

‘There is nothing inappropriate or incorrect about that.’ She has always denied that any sexual abuse occurred.  

Earlier this month, Maxwell was arrested in New Hampshire, almost a year after Epstein killed himself in jail, on charges of child sex trafficking.

Now, she faces 35 years behind bars if convicted. The charges relate to three girls who she allegedly trafficked in the 1990s. She denies the allegations. 

Her attorneys argued that releasing the lawsuit documents about her sex life could also prejudice her criminal trial. 

They say it would taint a jury pool. 

They are also asking the judge in the criminal case to apply a gag order to the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Audrey Strauss, claiming her public remarks about Maxwell are prejudicial.

‘Although Ms. Maxwell is presumed innocent, the Government, its agents, witnesses and their lawyers have made, and continue to make, statements prejudicial to a fair trial,’ lawyer Jeffrey S. Pagliuca wrote in his letter that was filed on Tuesday.

Maxwell remains in custody at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn.  

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