Game Of Thrones fans are left BAFFLED at the bizarre similarities between the HBO show and SHREK


Fans of popular HBO series Game Of Thrones have compared the show’s characters and plot to Shrek.

Twitter user @ohmytargaryen took to the social media platform on Saturday, April 20 to compare various scenes and characters from the TV show, the last ever episode of which aired on Sunday, May 19, with the Shrek cartoon film series. 

The user shared several images from the two productions alongside a caption that read: ‘So basically Game of Thrones is a Shrek live action,’ as the similarities in costume design, character portrayal and even cinematography were highlighted.

They compared an image of Shrek’s Lord Farquaad and Princess Fiona to a photo of Game of Thrones’ characters Tyrion Lannister and Sansa Stark.

The images show the characters boasting similar facial expressions, clothing and general appearances to one another.

Lord Farquaad and Tyrion, both of whom are dwarfs, sport outfits that both feature exaggerated sleeves, while Princess Fiona and Sansa are both wearing light-colored dresses. Similarly, the two female characters both have similar hair colors and skin tones.  

Next, the eagle-eyed Twitter user compared Jamie Lannister, from Game Of Thrones and Prince Charming from Shrek. 

The two characters were pictured sporting very similar outfits, both wearing iron armor while their similar blonde locks were styled in a middle-parting, falling around the sides of their face.

A photo of the drama series’ characters Cersei and Jamie Lannister was then compared to Shrek’s Fairy Godmother and Prince Charming. 

The Fairy Godmother can be seen sporting a braided up-do accessorized with a glitzy headpiece, while Cersei is also seen wearing her hair styled in braids and donning a bejeweled hair accessory.

Meanwhile, Prince Charming wears a shirt with a high collar and has his hair styled in loose waves and a middle parting, while Game Of Thrones’ Jamie sports a very similar look. 

Next, they shared an image of Game Of Thrones character Sandor Clegane and compared it to Shrek, a cartoon ogre. 

The pair were both pictured wearing almost identical outfits which consisted of a light cream-colored shirt with a brown vest over it.  

In a subsequent tweet, the user then shared an image of the dragon from Shrek and compared it to Game of Thrones’ dragon, Drogon. 

Since the tweet was shared on Saturday, April 20, it has accumulated over 140,000 likes and almost 50,000 retweets from fans of the show. 

Similarly, it has garnered hundreds of comments, many of which see fellow fans of the drama comparing the show with Shrek.

One user shared an image of Game Of Thrones’ character Podrick Payne, and compared it to an image of Shrek after he transforms from an ogre into a ‘human’ in the movie. 

The photos showed both characters with similar facial expressions, hair styles and clothing.  

Meanwhile, another user shared an image that shows the resemblance between Arya Stark, a character in Game Of Thrones, and Shrek’s Puss in Boots in a certain scene. The two images see both characters holding a sword toward the camera. 

Despite the realization that the two productions boast similar elements, it isn’t the only time fans of the show have noticed the similarities between them. 

On Tuesday, March 21, one Twitter user said: ‘Game of Thrones is pretty much just a shot for shot remake of Shrek 1-4.’  

Meanwhile, on Sunday, May 12, another user said: ‘Okay so I’m in Cancun, so I don’t have HBO to watch #GameOfThrones… so instead I’m watching Shrek 2 which is basically the same thing.’ 

On Sunday, May 19, another user wrote: ‘Game of Thrones took eight seasons to do what Shrek 2 did in a single movie.’

Back in 2017, one Twitter user pointed out a certain scene in the show that was almost identical to one in the first Shrek movie.  

The Game of Thrones scene in question came from episode five of season seven, when Kit Harrington’s Jon Snow meets Drogon, one of Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons, up-close for the first time. 

The encounter was compared to a scene from Shrek where Donkey, voiced by Eddie Murphy, meets his future-wife, Dragon.  

In both scenes, at first, the dragons first look like want to kill and eat their new acquaintances, however they slowly warm up to them, and end up cuddling up to their faces.

When seen side-by-side, the scenes look astonishingly similar, with Jon Snow’s expression perfectly mimicking Donkey’s and the two dragons reacting the exact same way – first looking very scary, and then turning loving.

Everything from the positioning of the cameras, to the movement of the actors and characters, is near-identical in each scene, with both ending on the same lingering face-to-face encounter between Dragon/Drogon and Donkey/Snow. 

Game Of Thrones ran for eight seasons, with the first ever episode airing on April 17, 2011, and the final episode airing on Sunday, May 19. 

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