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Fuel tanker crushed by plane in horror accident at an airport in Moscow that left NO casualties

This is the aftermath of a collision at a Moscow where a fuel tanker rammed into an Airbus A321 – and miraculously left no casualties. 

Investigators are now probing this morning’s incident at Sheremetyevo Airport – the busiest in the city – which left the aircraft visibly damaged and the tanker crushed.

Fire trucks were scrambled to the scene and an emergency was called at the airport, but there no reports of flames were made.

The Aeroflot plane – which had not begun boarding but was preparing for a flight to the Black Sea resort of Sochi – was immediately removed from service.

Shocking photos show the nose of Russia’s top air carrier ‘seriously damaged’ and the roof of the Scania fuel tanker crushed. 

‘The vehicle and the aircraft are damaged, there are no casualties,’ an airport spokesman said.  

The ‘circumstances and causes’ of the incident were being established. 

Planes continued to fly to and from the airport, which served more nearly 50 million passengers in 2019, local news site RT reported.

The Airbus A321 can carry up to 236 passengers and has been in service since 1993. 

The collusion came the same say as international flights resumed service from four airports. 

There had been a four-month long break from Moscow, St Petersburg, and Rostov-on-Don to stem the spread of coronavirus. 

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